Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ice storm cometh

Did we ever get hit with an ice storm

but since we were home the hubs
went out and got the snow off
 our plants and trees
most were saved
some people were not so fortunate
my brother lost most of his
ornamental maples

the snow was pretty until the ice came

while outside the hubs heard
breaking branches

he took the snow off all the branches he could reach


we lost power for a couple of days
which meant no water for us
as we are on a well
sure makes us appreciate the good things in life
and how fortunate we are..

but we need to warm up
so we were thinking
let's bug outa here
go here

the patio chairs i got my dad for christmas
are waiting
my dad is so excited!!
don't know when we'll back home yet
probably after our old bones
warm up!

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Liz's Water Diet

Well we just had a black out here
no power, no water
for 2 days and we were the lucky ones
so many trees got hit hard with this ice storm
they broke in half
the hubs had gone outside and brushed the snow off our trees
before they froze so we got lucky...
we had to learn to communicate again
after having no TV or computers
one of things we talked about was
getting healthy this year.....
we are going to try Liz's way of losing weight

my friend
she lives about 2 hours away
which in blogland is certainly a

is having a linky party for this diet she has been on
i'm in 
 so is the hubs

the most recent picture of us
sorry it's bad quality
picture of a picture

this sounds like a very healthy way to lose a few extra lbs
and boy do i  have a few extra lbs

just drink 3 glasses of water
before, during and after each meal
if you are interested go check it out Water Diet Party

she has lost 13lbs
17 days
wish us luck!!

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Coastal Living named Gig Harbor #1 Harbor

Whoo Hoo
We're number #1 harbor 
so says
so what does this mean...
more tourism..
increase in home values..

hopefully both as our little community has some
wonderful shopping and restaurants
and we absolutely love living here
and want the very best for our little

I subscribe to coastal living
and love it
do you?

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A marriage made in heaven... ok, well an upholstery shop

~ mr frenchie~
here is the tale of how he found love
~miss frenchie~

a pair of swivel chairs
that the hubs
 were here before
~miss frenchie~
came to live with us

remember how i saved little miss frenchie
from the dump

we moved her to the windows..
tried a table in the corner...
 working for me
or the hubs
he loved sitting there in that corner
i got this rug from home depot
just to have something for the settee to sit on
it is perfect, as it is cheap and the puppy is still.. well in
but with a cute mug like that
it's worth a few new rugs
sorry back to the
~love story~
the chairs went to the other side of the room
to create a conversation area

it worked, the hubs now joins me in the
living room to watch tv
"have favorite chair"
~will travel~
he will go anywhere to sit in his favorite chair
those swivel rockers
 are the best for rocking babies to sleep
and he is so good at that
the tree was here for the holidays

and that miss frenchie gots lots of use
Christmas morning

when i took it down
there was a big gaping hole waiting for the perfect
~reading chair~
this wasn't it
back upstairs please...
i started thinking wing back...
but could i find the perfect fabric
that would look good with 
~miss frenchie~

i had the curtain fabric to consider as well
i looked and looked...
i went to the design studio
and found a fabric to die for

it was perfect in every way except the price
over $100 a yard!!!!
well i needed 6 yards to cover up this old
$50 wingback chair i found on

enter my uber talented local upholster

she beefed up this
 ~bad boy~
he sat in her studio until i could find the perfect

i was browsing in
hancock fabric one day...
hoping this would work
cause i just loved it.....
i bought a yard to bring home
my mind was swirling....
french settee
french writing

 i think this will work with
miss frenchie
i couldn't wait to see them together
this would surely make a
~handsome couple~
now i think this will be
reading chair
can you see the beautiful sunset
from this chair
julie put so much perfection
into her work

painting his legs the same color
as hers

and that expensive fabric i liked so well...
turns out julie had that same sample book
and had a project for some of it
we split a yard
and this is what i got
2 of these
i have had this striped fabric for ages
and the expensive fabric was just what it needed
to take it to a new level

so another look at the happy couple

i have a feeling an
is in the works
can you think
~foot rest~

we have had some awesome

but today i am sitting in my
new corner looking at snow...
expecting at least a foot tonight

so i will be sitting here...
watching it come down
with a  cup of hot cocoa

did you like this love story?
I'm joining
Miss Kim's

Monday, January 16, 2012

My Husbands Brother Bill

I am having a very hard time writing this post...
this blog is a journal for me
so i want to have this in here
and i am truly not sure how to do it
so i will do my best
to get through this

my husband's only brother died suddenly and unexpectedly the week
 between Christmas and New Years
tomorrow Jan 17th
is his birthday...

we are still in shock
it doesn't seem real
it doesn't feel real

he meant so much to my husband
no brothers could have been closer
they worked together almost their whole life
then they played together the rest of his life
he lived only a mile away from our farmhouse
and we would see him almost everyday while we were there

he was the most dedicated
brother, father, husband, and grandfather
there ever was

gary flew to montana and spent a week with our
sister-n-law and their family
this was such a close family
the very closest of kinds
my heart goes out to his wife and kids

there was the birth of our grandson to help
us get through this last couple of weeks

~but it is so hard~

he was so giving to us
that i wanted to recap just a few of the things
he did around the farm for
gary and i

hanging the sign

he was the right person to do things that
had to be done perfect

the rock address

the birdhouses
and any other thing made out of wood

this one has lights

he had one at his place that i really admired
the next day he showed up with this

he did so much
he loved our farm as much as we did
he was such a big reason this place looks so
taken care of

in this picture they are both down there wrapping the trees
for fall to protect against the deer rutting

bill built the cedar trim at the bottom of porch
because i had mentioned that i was worried
the puppy would go under the house

he always put this birdhouse out for the summer and
screwed it down and
kept it painted

i said
"one of these days i would like to plant clematis on that post"
so he built this trellis

and planted some clematis for me
it was such a surprise and made me cry
when we drove up

this wagon is hard to see in this picture but
it is amazing

this year i found a picture of the home i grew up in..
that's me on
~mr ed~

i showed it to brother bill and asked if he thought he could
make my mom a birdhouse replica
so i could surprise her for christmas

a m a z i n g!!!!

i added some wreath stickers to give it a holiday feel
my mom and i cried
she was going to call brother bill
and tell him how much she loved it
but never got the chance

there are so many things he did to provide memories of him
everywhere we look we will see our
very much loved
~brother bill~

i'm not a good writer to even begin to write about this
so i am just going to leave with some pictures i have handy
of my husband's beloved big brother
that we are all missing

this is how i will remember him most
shooting the breeze
with his best friend

happy birthday brother bill
i hope you know how much you were loved 
will be missed