Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Recovered dining chairs

I love my new dining room chairs

they are just so happy now

this is one of those times i didn't tell 
the hubs
what i was up to...
do ya'll ever do that too?
it took him 2 days to notice the chairs were gone

then he said 
"your not going to change that leather seat i hope"
no dear....
i didn't touch the leather
men and their leather...

so much better than before
this tapestry had purple in it
it was pretty but too...
i think is the word 

i have some other material that i have
been saving for something and now i
have it figured out what i'm going to do with it

table runners


these rods should have been longer

Julie said she can have them done by 
before Christmas

so now you know what santa is bringing me 
this year...
i am so excited....
better right?

hooking up with 
miss kim
for her wow us wednesday 
check it out 
lots to see this time of the year 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dining Room Chairs

do you likey?

~me lovey~

just got my dining room chairs back from the shop
this is a close up of the 

very traditional
henredon fabric
pretty, but just not me

they just came back from getting re-upholstered
 and i can't wait to show you the reveal

problem is 
my computer lost it's hard drive
in the shop for about a week
so no new pictures

this morning the hard rain drops hitting the 
 of my exterior door in the bedroom
~not good~
woke me up at 3a.m. 

so i've been awake changing towels every 1/2 hour
on the hubs computer looking at his pictures
found these photos that i had taken when i bought the fabric
over a year ago

i will be back with my dining room chair makeover
after taking a break from blogging
but think of all the projects i might be able to get done

my friends...
i will miss you

have a very good, safe, peaceful, loving, blessed 

Happy Thanksgiving Week

it's been good to spend time with 
(easter sunday )

who is still here until thursday when we are 
releasing her from 
her words
she is so excited to go home..
it's been a bit of a long recovery for her
being someone used to doing
everything herself

she's been good company while I've been
getting ready for the holidays
tomorrow we are baking pies
she's famous in our family for her pies
germans are good bakers
i need to pay attention
i struggle with pie-crusts

we are all going to my brothers house for
then dropping her off at her home
happy she is well enough to go home
sad she doesn't live closer so i can pop in to 
check on her more often
I have lots to be thankful for this 
how about you?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Matthew turns 3

Our little 
~Matthew Man~
 turned 3 today
can't believe how fast that went

I have been browsing through the Hubs
computer looking at his pictures

this is Matthew's  first christmas

He has been Opa's boy since day one
see how he is looking at him

he is such a happy little man

His first birthday party
I love what Melanie did by taking a picture each month and blowing it up

Here is where he was  celebrating last night at 
Red Robin 

All pictures from the Hubs computer
except this last one from my i-phone
as my computer  is in the shop....
keep your fingers crossed for me
I barely know what to do with computers so if I loose my computer
well it won't be pretty
my life is all my pictures
now they are backed up as of a couple of months ago
thank you sweet nephew
but I'm on pins and needles
 I don't these headaches before the holidays

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Guess who's coming home for Christmas...

my little princess was a
for halloween
this year

her brother was the frog 

his little outfit is so darn cute

they are on my mind today
cause we just made reservations
for them to come home for

this will be the first time in over a year
that all my little
grands will be together

the little monster
is is going to be so excited to see his
~cousins again~
and who knows maybe our little
 ~bun in the oven~
will make his appearance
on his christmas due date
i am so excited it was hard to sleep
the last few nights
this oma is

Monday, November 7, 2011

A long week

today is one of those milestone anniversarys for the
~ hubs and i~

i seriously got lucky
marrying this man
we were suppose to be in the florida keys
but instead we are celebrating my mom's
arrival to our home from
~the hospital~
she went in for a routine colonoscopy
the news wasn't good and they whisked her into
the hospital for almost a week
~e y e   o p e n e r~
you don't want to be there
~trust me on this~
make sure you do those yearly exams
so important
~enough said~

so today i have 2 very grateful reasons
to be happy
i love this picture of those two