Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shopping in Whaler's Village

Today was a shopping day in

We went to Whaler's Village

Those two white buildings are the condos called
~The Whaler~

They have an awesome museum
that kept the Hubs busy
while I looked around

I loved these door handles

All I wanted today was to find a little light weight
white sweater 
and this darling little store
had it

Then we had lunch
at the Barefoot Bar

No shoes required

we got serenaded and watched people come up from the beach

and well.....
 Mai Tai's just show up at the table...
and I'm not turning one of those down

So that was it
a very relaxing day
doing what I love the most
not buying
(except my little white sweater)
but just browsing

tomorrow I will be working on my

Or do you think I'm tan enough?

Kapalua Golf ~Date~

The Hubs and I met golfing
he was in my foursome
It was a work thing..
It was at the most incredible golf course in the NW
The Coeur d'Alene Resort

home of the only floating green
translation from French
~Heart of the Awl~
a fur trapping thing

He remembers looking at the
~ roster~
having to play with a couple of women
was not his idea of a fun day of golf
boy was he wrong!

That is where we went back to get married....

So golf has been an important thing in our lives
until the last few years...
injury's, traveling and just plain laziness
have gotten in the way of our golfing

Yesterday we had one of those days
where all the exciting memories of courtship were rekindled
he used to ask me to go
instead of asking me to go
a good way for a guy to ask a girl for a date
doesn't really sound like a date just a golf game
nobody could feel rejected then...

Before we left for
he told me he wanted us to play
a round of golf
 I took some badly needed
they paid off
thank you Sarah...I love you!

I had the best round of golf I've had in so long..
it was thrilling to be playing well at one of the
most beautiful courses in the world...

This course is the home of some really famous

We even saw whales that stopped
all the golfers in their tracks

he was way out there but I got him

he hates having his picture taken

and I made it across

Look at these beautiful homes along the course
They have a great view for whale watching

of course it doesn't have that same
The Coeur d'Alene does

But I felt we were on one of those dates again...

Maybe that is what
 does to us old married folk
reminds us of what is important

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hawaiian Paradise

My computer works!!!

We got into Maui really late last night...
Too dark to see anything
We are staying at SIL's Condo
 for a few days before
heading to the
This is what we woke up to
this morning


There is no air conditioning in this condo
Or the Hubs would have this place at 65 degrees
I am sticky but loving the heat
He is struggling...

It is a cute
1 bedroom Condo...
This is one of my favorite things about it
well besides the view

I think I want one of these

Cute living space huh?

I took all the bedding off and stored it in the closet
 who needs any of it in this humidity

There aren't bugs so I think this netting is for looks

From the bed there is a great view in the morning
notice the high power fan on the floor

The Hubs isn't unpacking for
*just a few days*
excuse the luggage

Isn't this just the cutest little Condo
perfect for a couple

Let me know if you're interested
she rents it by the week
and it's really reasonable

I pre-functioned a bit on the plane
so I slept well..
can we say
Mai Tai

We got up early and went for
Then into
Lahaina Town
the famous Whaling Village

Wish I could take credit for this picture

and art community
with so many shopping experiences

Susan Preston
Venetian Art Glass
Only available in Maui
Necklaces start around
I was really fascinated with these because
my SIL Monica
hand blows glass into fabulous necklaces also
you have to check out her site
What beautiful artwork jewelry she has too

There are tons of art galleries
I got one picture but felt awkward
taking lots of pictures

I am in love with the flowers here
The trees are so different
What is this?

Look at the little green
Well these are the things I have to get to the bottom of
before  we leave

We went and made tee times
for tomorrow

My favorite thing about golfing is the
don't tell the Hubs that...
I am taking my good camera tomorrow
these were all taken on my I-phone today
not bad huh?

I wasn't sure if I was going to have Internet here..
so glad we do so I don't miss out on all my favorite blogs
I only need 6 more followers and I won't be considered a
Newbie anymore, that's because of her,
Thank you Debbie!!