Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kapalua Golf ~Date~

The Hubs and I met golfing
he was in my foursome
It was a work thing..
It was at the most incredible golf course in the NW
The Coeur d'Alene Resort

home of the only floating green
translation from French
~Heart of the Awl~
a fur trapping thing

He remembers looking at the
~ roster~
having to play with a couple of women
was not his idea of a fun day of golf
boy was he wrong!

That is where we went back to get married....

So golf has been an important thing in our lives
until the last few years...
injury's, traveling and just plain laziness
have gotten in the way of our golfing

Yesterday we had one of those days
where all the exciting memories of courtship were rekindled
he used to ask me to go
instead of asking me to go
a good way for a guy to ask a girl for a date
doesn't really sound like a date just a golf game
nobody could feel rejected then...

Before we left for
he told me he wanted us to play
a round of golf
 I took some badly needed
they paid off
thank you Sarah...I love you!

I had the best round of golf I've had in so long..
it was thrilling to be playing well at one of the
most beautiful courses in the world...

This course is the home of some really famous

We even saw whales that stopped
all the golfers in their tracks

he was way out there but I got him

he hates having his picture taken

and I made it across

Look at these beautiful homes along the course
They have a great view for whale watching

of course it doesn't have that same
The Coeur d'Alene does

But I felt we were on one of those dates again...

Maybe that is what
 does to us old married folk
reminds us of what is important


  1. Looks like you are having a fabulous time!!~ Enjoy.

  2. We went to Hawaii in December 2006 til the first part of January 2007. We all love it there! My hubby enjoyed the golf course (I was pregnant then so can't go golfing) so much that he wanted us to go back there soon!

  3. That was so sweet! I've been to Coeur D'Alene, but never to golf.
    That was so cute - that your husband could ask you to golf, as opposed to asking you on a date. Well, whatever, it worked and there you are, still a twosome in Hawaii!

  4. What beautiful pictures! When you are in PV do you all play much golf there? My son and husband play at Isla de Navidad and Tamarindo. They rarely get the chance since we are down there to work... but given the chance that is where they go. It's beautiful!
    Hope things are safe in PV.
    Eat More Papaya!
    Ladybug Creek

  5. What a fabulous trip!! I loved reading about how you met, it's a great story. The pictures you took were amazing.
    I've never been to Hawaii so I enjoyed seeing all of the photos.

  6. What??He looks thrilled! AT least in the last pic, must be because you are at his side. This is such a sweet story and I am a terrible romantic, ahh <3