Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I need your help with a light fixture

I have a dilemma.....
This was last spring when we first moved in...
The dining room is right at the entry

I got some new chandys and the Hubs started painting

Such a pretty little room

~The new entry chandy~
It was so close to the dining room chandy
that I was worried they would clash
but it worked out ok...
it didn't bother me

Then this year the Hubs friend thought we should make the dining room
The Hubs den....what????? 
The Hubs was all over that
and they moved the dining room table to the
kitchen/family room where there was a big open space needing a table
They moved the chandy too..

My head was spinning as this is usually my area..
moving things to where I wanted them
But I had to agree we never used the table way out there
it was pretty there, but never used it...
we just sat at the bar for meals or worse
ate at the TV....
so reluctantly I went along with this...
Guess What!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They were right
now we use this table every single day

Eight chairs fit around the table
but the other four are now at the
bar so it's easier to get in and out

So did I go for that old dining room
being used as the Hubs new Den
with computer wires being the first thing you see
when entering our home?
Not a chance....
look at the old dining room now
a reading room
What do you think better than computer wires?

I still have to fix the accessories but what I really need is help
with a light fixture to replace that chandy....
with this big entry way chandy so close
and the other one visible
Would it be best to have a flush mount?

I found this at bellacor
I just think another hanging chandy might be
~too much~
What do you think?
Does it go with the other 2????
Oh and The Hubs Den...
stay tuned for that upcoming post!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Boring to Better

Kim at 
Is having her
End of the Year
Boring to Better
I'm in...

These are my favorites for this year.
All made possible because of my friend
The talent of this duo....
I come up with the ideas and she
makes it happen.....
Can you believe

and this
Was this????
Jen is such a good artist

Then there was my bedroom
it went from this
and this..

 notice the new
The limestone fireplace is also new
forgot to take before pictures of that..

But the bedding needed to be special
 I LOVE her
To THIS!!!

Then there was
a $3 garage sale find
That became

Again ...Jen
Have I mentioned how much
I love that girl!

It was a busy year!
Now she has a full time job at a
beautiful furniture store...
so next year I will most likely not have
much to share...
But I am very thankful she is working in this
economy that is a very good thing...
Good things happen to Good people
and Jen is very, very good!

Christmas Day

What a great Christmas Day
~we had~
What was your most special gift?

Our most special treat was having
the Hubs kids here
flew in from Seattle
drove over from L.A.

To have them both here at once was
~a real blessing~
I was so engrossed with conversation that I
never got my camera out
these were shot with my I-phone
when I was showing them how it worked
I would love to have had one picture with the 3 of them
~bummed about that~
It was a Christmas Day we won't forget

Meanwhile back in Virginia
Mattie got a car
from Santa

And Santa must have listened to
Charlie Bear's list
He got a car too
and clothes
Little Matthew Man
got everything he asked for
just for being so darn cute

I got a little French Man
that will be perfect in my kitchen

Isn't he so cute?
A little wooden angel from my Mom
hung on my tree..
~ok, the rosemary plant~
This is what I told the Hubs I wanted
for Christmas  a few months ago
The I-phone with
so I could see the Grands
open their presents
My nephew Thomas got me the book
"I-Phone the lost handbook"

The Hubs got a couple sets of
comfy clothes
so he and Spanky could enjoy
relaxing after all that excitement!
Thank you Santa
 for such a
nice Christmas
We are definitely blessed with the
health and happiness of our family
and we are sincerely
grateful for all of it

Christmas Eve

This was a different Christmas for us
being down in the desert away from family.....
Christmas Eve I got my hair done

It needed it right?
I try to grow it out every so often
but just doesn't
seem to fit me...

Christmas Eve is also
My Mattie girls
she is so far away in Virginia
My Little Christmas Eve Baby
she wanted a rainbow cake
Her Daddy took her out for breakfast
This is what she got from
This is what she wore all day
and wouldn't take it off

I set the table with my new dishes
from Pier one
They aren't Christmas plates
but they're
~Happy Plates~

I had a few things Christmasy
that I bought down here
My Mom's cousin lives here and
came for dinner so we wern't alone
The Hubs brought me flowers
from one of his several trips to the store
We had a marvelous prime rib dinner
with pumpkin pie for dessert

Then opened our gifts
that our family had mailed down
Spanky was quite bored with the whole thing
until he got his new
He loves this and had to sleep with it
We loved all our gifts
thanks so much everybody
This is what I wanted from the Hubs
My container from TJ Maxx $7.99
filled by my favorite floral artist
Fits in our bedroom perfectly 

and this was the Hubs present
TJ Maxx frame $6.99
Matthew Man Priceless!!