Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve

This was a different Christmas for us
being down in the desert away from family.....
Christmas Eve I got my hair done

It needed it right?
I try to grow it out every so often
but just doesn't
seem to fit me...

Christmas Eve is also
My Mattie girls
she is so far away in Virginia
My Little Christmas Eve Baby
she wanted a rainbow cake
Her Daddy took her out for breakfast
This is what she got from
This is what she wore all day
and wouldn't take it off

I set the table with my new dishes
from Pier one
They aren't Christmas plates
but they're
~Happy Plates~

I had a few things Christmasy
that I bought down here
My Mom's cousin lives here and
came for dinner so we wern't alone
The Hubs brought me flowers
from one of his several trips to the store
We had a marvelous prime rib dinner
with pumpkin pie for dessert

Then opened our gifts
that our family had mailed down
Spanky was quite bored with the whole thing
until he got his new
He loves this and had to sleep with it
We loved all our gifts
thanks so much everybody
This is what I wanted from the Hubs
My container from TJ Maxx $7.99
filled by my favorite floral artist
Fits in our bedroom perfectly 

and this was the Hubs present
TJ Maxx frame $6.99
Matthew Man Priceless!!


  1. So, you had a great cosy Christmas, after all! Just goes to show - it's now all about locale or decorations, but about the people you're with and the way you celebrate. I'm glad it was a good time!

  2. Cute haircut. I can't grow mine out either. I always end up getting it shorter and shorter. Looks like you had a good Christmas. Your granddaughter is so cute in her tutu.

  3. Your hair looks great, definitely a big difference!!! I desperately need a haircut also, one of these days.

    It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas and your granddaughter is adorable!

  4. Cute hair!!~ Mine is about as long as I can have it now for my age:) I have very thin hair. Your Christmas looks fabulous...that granddaughter of yours looks as edible as the donut! Happy New Year!

  5. Love the do and those new dishes are gorgeous! Wishing we had a Pier One :)