Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Cookie giveaway

How would you'll like to have some free
Killer Zebras is having a Mother's Day giveaway
all you have to do is hop on over there and see what she's up to...
I'm telling you she is incredible and I'm so proud
of my daughter-n-law

This is her newest creation
probably for baby shower

Thank you for helping her get
new followers
Good Luck!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New stuff

I got a package the other day in the mail from a very special blogger friend
I have been such a fan of her chicken wire concoctions

Look at her newest piece
I am Wowed!!
I am in awe...wish I would have ordered that too...
Every time I see something at the stores done in chicken wire
I get so excited for her, this idea is really taking off in the design world

Well I told her I would buy a cork holder if she had one and

Isn't is just perfect?

I also ordered these cute little guys...
for now they are hanging around my vases

and a soap dispenser

which is going over to our Montana farmhouse...
I know once I get to the farm I will have to go back
and get more....
I just love this stuff and
...she is so sweet
as I'm sure most of you know
but if you don't....
you have to check out her adorable blog
it's awesome
I am linking to
Wow us Wednesdays

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter decorations are up!

The kids are coming down this weekend for
so we thought we had better decorate...
My *sister*
is here and she has the talent for sewing
~check out this banner~

It says Happy Easter

before the burlap
just added velcro so we can take off the Easter
 and add Spring

~Happy Easter~

I just love this egg
Mr & Mrs. Bunny

~This cute little bunny was in Annie's basket one year~

Annie got this nutcracker for me while she was Germany
She also made this little bunny under the cloche
when she was in grade school

I got these topiarys 90% off after Easter
at Pier One last year because some of the eggs are cracked
notice all the grapefruit?
We've been trying a new diet...
more on that later,
I mean who starts a diet right before Easter...we're nuts!

laying out the pieces to get the colors just right before stringing with ribbon

That vase needed a  little
somethin somethin
at the bottom

 has been the family
cookie jar for years
He looks so cute on
this cake stand I bought
last week from a blogger
who has a shop not far from here
she is a junker and has a beautiful store..
and if you flip it over it's a vase and the bottom is an ashtray
go figure!

Trying to figure out how I like the coffee table

Yep this will do

I'm looking forward to dinner at the
this Sunday
Too bad my Sis is headed home this weekend
to be with her family
~I will miss her~
we have had so much fun....
more of that to follow

This was at a garden store
that is heaven!

I am headed to
Kim's Party
Savvy Southern Style's
Wow us Wednesdays
Thanks for the party Kim and thanks
for mentioning
Melanie's Cookies

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

100 follower giveaway ~A different twist~

Look what happened to those cookies....

Ok so I am a slow starter...
I have been doing this blogging thing for well over a year now
and have finally gotten over
That is a big enough number to celebrate
and since I don't know how to have a
the way that all you sophisticated bloggers do
I have my own version

I have gotten my  followers mostly through
two parties that I join weekly
one of which I can no longer attend because I have
over 100 followers, Yipeee
The other is Kim's

These gals work so hard so we can really have fun out here in the
They have also been just the best bloggy friends
that a girl could have...
so to thank them I have sent them 
My Uber talented Daughter-in-laws
~Easter Cookies~
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
Debbie & Kim
I am crazy about you girls!

And thanks to all my other followers
I so enjoy each and every one of you and
the relationships that we have made
they are so special and I
 love to read your comments
it makes my day!!

Please check out Melanie's Blog
she is just starting up shop!!
She can make any cookie you want really, she's amazing!

Enjoy those cookies girls!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Check out these Cookies!

Ok I have to brag a little....
ok..a lot, my
is a baker
she is German like me
and we would rather 
  than cook
I still remember my Grandma's pies
Mom is the one who makes all the pies now..

Well my son married well
and he is
reaping the benefits of a German Wife

Is the crazy name
that Melanie came up with for her new baking blog..
it is a actual cookie from one of her favorite books 
Check these out!

This is what she gave me
on Saturday
and wait a few days to hear about what I did with them..

These  birds are so darn cute

This is another gift from her...
These are of my little
~Matthew Man~
I am preserving these...
too pretty to eat

For Charlie Bears birthday

She is now taking orders!
Check out her site you will

 For Aunt Becky's birthday

Better hurry if you want them by Easter

I couldn't be more proud!

Hooking up to
Wow us Wednesdays
At Kims
 Savvy Southern Style