Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mar 1st-Annie's due date

Annie at Christmas time

A week ago with Mattie

Ok so I am far away from my daughter Annie that is about to make me an Oma once again. Tomorrow is her due date.   She is in Stuttgart, Germany and I am waiting anxiously for Charlie's arrival.  I love his name and LOVE him so much already.  It is very painful being so far away.  I was in Germany for Madeline's arrival 2 years ago and it was one of the most marvelous things I've ever witnessed.  I am taking my phone to bed with me so that  I can be woke up for the magical moment!  I love you Cookie all will be just perfect.  What do you think, tonight???
                                  Is it possible that Charlie can be as cute as Madeline?

Bedroom, Master Bath Help!!!!

Got the Bed in the bag and I love the copper/gold/ browns.  The headboard is just a panel. Needed the bench for Spanky to climb up on. I can't wait to go shopping for material for the window treatments and side round table.  So much to do.
This room is painted Sherwin Williams Nomadic Desert SW6107 (the base of the rest of the house, choosen because it works with the tile throughout).  The Hubs jumped the gun on this.....I wanted him to wait until I figured out what to do in here, but it is better than the white. Wondering if I should use the dining room favorite to date SW6109 Hopsack??????

This needs big time HELP!!!  There is a lady that makes furniture and that maybe what needs to happen.

Master Bathroom is very large so much space to do some cool things....just have to figure out what cool things? I am into brown right now and so big brown towels are hung for now.
Lots of caramel colored tile in here and the orange cabinets and white walls.....yikes, I'm in over my head here.
I see a huge piece of something...a wood bench/towel holder/cabinet?  Something that transforms this bathroom to a Spa feel, would lucious drapery be too over the top?

More accessories

Real plant & pot from Home Depot $21.99,  Ross frame $4.99, seeing Matthew smiling....Priceless!
I hauled this from Montana, a purchase last summer for $15, it was not sturdy enough for candles until the Hubs (or was it Doug)  got hold of it with some kind of a tool...the candles from Target 4 for $9.99, cost more than this piece of beautiful ironwork.

I got this and the art piece above the fireplace at the C.O.D. (College of the Desert streetfair) from an art dealer, that buys from Mexico, I have to get a great little table under this......This is a hallway to our bedroom. I thought it would go good in the dining room but too much wood out there already and it was too small.

Ok I know it doesn't go but how could I resist a bit of feminity in Gary's den?

When buying this 32" TV off Craigslist for Gary's den there was this Tiffany style lamp she wanted to get rid of ...$20, light bulbs included!  She said she loved it but her new husband didn't want it, too funny, if I would have had the time to talk to this young bride.............. !!!!!!!!

It's the little things...thanks Cheryl and Beatrice

Accessories are probably the most important.  I have been able to find some great "stuffers" at TJMaxx, Ross, Michaels.  However there has to be a great POP and I found that at Art in Nature by Beatrice.

She is the best and comes up with the most unique arrangements I've ever seen. I wanted this for my coffee table because it was low and soooo pretty, however the candles (which are beautiful) are way too powerful and  spicy for me, just too strong, so it is now above the TV and I hope it gets it's due appreciation way up there.

I found the coffee table at the clearance part of the furniture store, it had a chip in the glass and the TV box at TJ Maxx is my favorite, well except Matthews picture frame $4.99 Ross!

My $50 lamp table, well I had to go get the glass put in and that was $40, but the original price was $389 so I'm ahead on this one!
I love my big pillows
While at Beatrices I bought some silks for a $10 Ross vase and look what Cheryl made with them, she is incredible and boy I could have used and abused her more, but she left...did I run her off?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

To Pool or not to Pool

I think it is imperative that living in Palm Springs means living with a pool, right?  Our beautiful big back yard now clean of all overgrown bushes, Palm Trees and insect nests is missing something.....

Or maybe this.....

I might get my friends to visit me more often I bet?

It's a Jungle out there

The back yard before

Our back yard was like a jungle when we got here, so many beautiful bushes full of flowers.  My hubby went crazy that the gardener had let it get out of control...I loved the flowers but knew he was right when saying it all had to be cut in 2 months they say I might see my "Bougainvillea" (I had to google that to spell it right) again.  I love that prickly red bush and hope to have so much that someday this place will look like a mission from San Juan Capistrano.
                                                         The "after"
After 2 weeks we have no flowers but, new lights, new sod, a working pond and everything looks manicured

All cactus came out and the bougainvillea went in