Sunday, February 28, 2010

More accessories

Real plant & pot from Home Depot $21.99,  Ross frame $4.99, seeing Matthew smiling....Priceless!
I hauled this from Montana, a purchase last summer for $15, it was not sturdy enough for candles until the Hubs (or was it Doug)  got hold of it with some kind of a tool...the candles from Target 4 for $9.99, cost more than this piece of beautiful ironwork.

I got this and the art piece above the fireplace at the C.O.D. (College of the Desert streetfair) from an art dealer, that buys from Mexico, I have to get a great little table under this......This is a hallway to our bedroom. I thought it would go good in the dining room but too much wood out there already and it was too small.

Ok I know it doesn't go but how could I resist a bit of feminity in Gary's den?

When buying this 32" TV off Craigslist for Gary's den there was this Tiffany style lamp she wanted to get rid of ...$20, light bulbs included!  She said she loved it but her new husband didn't want it, too funny, if I would have had the time to talk to this young bride.............. !!!!!!!!

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