Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bedroom, Master Bath Help!!!!

Got the Bed in the bag and I love the copper/gold/ browns.  The headboard is just a panel. Needed the bench for Spanky to climb up on. I can't wait to go shopping for material for the window treatments and side round table.  So much to do.
This room is painted Sherwin Williams Nomadic Desert SW6107 (the base of the rest of the house, choosen because it works with the tile throughout).  The Hubs jumped the gun on this.....I wanted him to wait until I figured out what to do in here, but it is better than the white. Wondering if I should use the dining room favorite to date SW6109 Hopsack??????

This needs big time HELP!!!  There is a lady that makes furniture and that maybe what needs to happen.

Master Bathroom is very large so much space to do some cool things....just have to figure out what cool things? I am into brown right now and so big brown towels are hung for now.
Lots of caramel colored tile in here and the orange cabinets and white walls.....yikes, I'm in over my head here.
I see a huge piece of something...a wood bench/towel holder/cabinet?  Something that transforms this bathroom to a Spa feel, would lucious drapery be too over the top?


  1. What a great home Kathy! I see lots of mustard browns, burnt orange kind of colors going nicely in the between the spaces......

  2. Kathy, I love Sherwin Williams colors too! Can I make a few suggestions for you?

    The paint colors you decide on for your bedroom and bath will need to have a yellow undertone to match your "orange" cabinets. Debbie was on the right track with her color suggestions.

    How about painting your bedroom Bagel SW6114 and your bathroom Tatami Tan SW6116? These colors will tie in with your bathroom cabinets, your bedding and even the Nomadic Desert your husband picked out. They are on the next page of the Sherwin Williams paint fan deck right next to Hopsack and Nomadic Desert.

    What do you think Debbie?

  3. Thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog Kathy. Please let me know how you like your new bedroom and bathroom. I have a feeling it's going to look beautiful!

  4. So glad Donna came by....I really should have thought of you asking her...regardless she found you. and she has wonderful taste....and thank god I was on track or I would have been embarrassed!!~ Can't wait to see it Kathy!