Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm a leaving on a jet plane.....

I can't wait a minute more
I'm off to see my

Aren't they just as adorable as they can be..

I'm gonna get me some of this...

Be back in a few weeks
 I can pry myself away

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Fair

This time every year..
just as the kids go back to school we have the
Western Washington Fair
can anyone from out of state pronounce
(Pew all up)
tricky huh, we have all sorts of Indian names that
drive people crazy trying to figure them out
Sometimes we see a show and that dictates the day we go
Sometimes we wait for a good day
~no rain~
But we always go

When I was young it was
that always made sure we went
then when I had kids he made sure he took them
every year without fail
my kids still remember grandpa and
~The Fair~

Now it's the
who has to go...
even if it is just for a few hours to reminisce about our childhood
how we got out of school one day each year for
~The Fair~

So we make our way through traffic to go....
Do the Puyallup

We don't need this yet
we still walk
but someday this will be the only way
we can go

I love in order;
Everybody in Western Washington
knows what a scone is and it has to be

 and they just don't taste the same when you make them at home
even with the mix they sell

We get dozens and take them to the relatives that couldn't
make it out
This year Hubs sisters got a dozen
my Mom only wanted 1/2 dozen...

They have a hard time keeping up with the demand
sometimes the line is 50 people long
but we all wait patiently

Of course there is other food ...

 We split a meal,
 after a few scones we didn't think we could even eat this but we had to try
$25 for this...yikes
 see the smoke from this BBQ pit
I love that smell


How can you even pick a favorite?
This was the big winner

 Someday I would love to be one of these ladies

 I would have taken this flag one home if I could have

 I LOVED these two

When I was a kid I took my horse to the fair
so I still like to go see the animals
depending on what shoes I'm wearing...

~The Livestock~ 

 Ok... this is way too cute

We don't do this anymore

 We definitely don't do this

We find we do more of this...
people watching while sitting

It was a great day
Have you had your fair yet?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Slumber Party

My daughter-in-law Melanie and her sisters
came down for a girls weekend getaway

~talk about feeling flattered~
Well as my son told me
"yah, well you have the room Mom"
Oh, I thought it was 
~little ole me~
they wanted to hang with...
either way I will take their company

So sweet those girls with real honest to goodness hugs
just like their Mom
 I didn't grow up with
after seeing them this weekend
I wish I would have

I had so much fun being a part of it
Getting to know Melanie's family better was such an honor
I adore all 3 of these girls
and hope they come back and do it again soon
The beautiful 
card & flowers
I got

with thank yous.....
I am proud of my son for many things
especially his ability to pick a

Addiction to Magazines

Date night for the Hubs & I

I go to the magazine rack and grab all the
latest issues of all things decorating
 he grabs a book
we meet upstairs...

I get a latte ....

He gets coffee.. black

We stay until the place closes
What can I say
I'm a cheap date

Most of the time I don't buy a magazine unless it has
so many perfect rooms in it that I have to
take it home and dream
Well as it turns out I was taking home too many ...
as this article reads I also needed a
~clean slate~
I found a lot of this magazine
and this one..

This is a favorite blogger of mine
from Velvet & Linen
 can you imagine your home being on the cover?
So I went through all my baskets
under the counter where I keep my newly acquired magazines
that need to be read again and ...
 I had too many

I fear this is an addiction
Does anyone else have this problem?

I started organizing them
 got out all the magazines
from everywhere in the house
I was overwhelmed...

I loved some of these, wanted them near me
I couldn't throw any away
~I tried~

So I got  magazine holders
that would have them sitting all pretty
and upright in one place
so that at any given moment
~I could dream away~

Here are some of my favorites

I still have the magazine that holds my all time favorite Kitchen
~Designer Kitchens & Bath book V11~

I love this one so much I have to say it again

This is the magazine that made me recogonize
what my favorite style is
I loved this one so much that I tried to subscribe
It was hard to find out anything about this magazine
I finally figured it out, it was a Better Homes brand so I emailed them
they said you can't subscribe and it only comes out
twice a year..grrrrrrr

This whole piling up of magazines around my home
could be solved in the next few years though..
I guess so many shelter mags are on their way out
paired down to a few they say...
The online mags are going to be the

I have looked at these and liked but not
like my favorites that I can touch and feel and drool all over
and could never be able to

The other day I read Joni's blog

Cote de Texas
She is an amzaing teacher
of all things design
she had a post on
where there was lots of research done
and beautiful pictures that kept me
check it out if you have the time
it's a great read

I appreciate online mags, I just happen to be one that
takes forever to jump into this 21st century
full of all things techie..
Besides what would happen to
~date night~