Monday, September 27, 2010

Slumber Party

My daughter-in-law Melanie and her sisters
came down for a girls weekend getaway

~talk about feeling flattered~
Well as my son told me
"yah, well you have the room Mom"
Oh, I thought it was 
~little ole me~
they wanted to hang with...
either way I will take their company

So sweet those girls with real honest to goodness hugs
just like their Mom
 I didn't grow up with
after seeing them this weekend
I wish I would have

I had so much fun being a part of it
Getting to know Melanie's family better was such an honor
I adore all 3 of these girls
and hope they come back and do it again soon
The beautiful 
card & flowers
I got

with thank yous.....
I am proud of my son for many things
especially his ability to pick a


  1. Haha, Kathy, you are the best! I'm proud to be the 50th person to be 'following' your blog. And just in time to see this post :) Thanks again!

  2. Haha!! Your daughter in law must love you to bits!

  3. We had 6 sets of sisters on our Round Top Flea market trip this weekend. Plus friends. It was the greatest!

  4. How thoughtful of them to send a card and flowers :) Having a sister is not always fun...We didn't get along until she moved out, and now, it still boggles me as to how we are related, lol.

  5. That is so sweet! What a lovely relationship you have with your that!

  6. Well Aaron may not think that we came to see your sweet self, but it would be a hard thing indeed to not spend time with you. We all loved sitting and chatting with you, especially about traveling! Thanks for all your great tips about things to do and places to see while we were in town. We all had so much fun, and I'm so glad that I got to know you better:)

  7. So sweet that they wrote you a card. I love giving and receiving cards and feel that the handwritten notes from the heart will soon fade away with all the texting. I never had a sister either, but I have two daughters and a brand new daughter in law, so finally, a little girl power around here!

  8. What pretty girls! So glad they were able to have their sister weekend in your beautiful town and at your beautiful home! Sometimes when we get to pick a sister like you is better than the real thing!!! Love ya sis!!!

  9. ok that is it!!~ You need to get rid of me...for missing this post especially! I would love to hang out with you would be so much fun:) You raised a good son there.