Saturday, July 31, 2010

~Roosters in my little farm house~

at note songs
is having a party,
It is a rooster party....

I did a post on my little roosters last summer
so I am being lazy and re-posting this one
but adding a few new ones from this year

so let's take a look around my
little farm house
I hope to be able to add this guy to my chimney this year

see wouldn't he be cute right here...
 I had NO clue I had so many until
I started taking their pictures....
I didn't  feel I was on rooster overload
but now maybe I do....
hummm what do you think?

Our little farm house...

come in,
As you enter you see...roosters

The message board for the Hubs...
The light switch to the mud room/kitchen

Another note board

The powder room has my pie safe

oops these are hens

Ok now for the kitchen we shall take a closer look....

The top of the recipe file is all roosters

The first piece of art work I got for the kitchen

A night lite that I use every night
Even the paper towel holder..but the little gal..
my Mom carved is so sweet

The coffee spoon too

Every year I have a Warren Kimble calender
and sure enough he always has a rooster

The Hubs got the salt & pepper shaker because
they were the ones he had as a child..

Got these at a flea market, don't know what to do with them...

Love these TV trays....we've even
had the occasion to use them

Bought these at Warren Kimble's studio in Brandon, Vermont
They shipped them, love, love these stools

Ok now I am starting to get embarressed..too many
thought I was done, then I found more...

See the little fly swatter...

Oh almost forgot the seat cushions

got these last fall

added these new plates to the holder this year
a gift from a very talented friend

an aubusson off ebay

I really do use this to call the Hubs in for dinner

Ok this is really crazy
 this rooster infatuation...
but I've had some of these 10 years now
and still love em all
I don't think poultry will ever be out of style!
Thanks Sheila for hosting
this fun

Friday, July 23, 2010

Stunning Necklace..

I LOVE this necklace
I want this necklace
and by blogging about this
I just might win it!!!
My twin friend
just got this
I just love her  *style* and her blog
everything she has I love
so I am always calling her my twin
please go check her out
check out where she got this necklace
a fabulous online store that is adorable

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

.....................A new *Doo*

It was time for a cut,
I couldn't see through to those beautiful eyes,
Those eyes that tell me,
He loves me...
He loves me not......

So off to Howllywood Groomers
They are lovely folks
who love Spanky like I do


Can you belive he was so mad
that he stuck his tongue out
at me!!!!
He thinks he is such a
sitting there in his throne....
(which my brother built for him)
spoiled dog!

He also refuses to talk to me today...
Oh well just wait until
dinner time

He looks a little cold here
I always put pj's on him at night
right after getting groomed

So that is my "Before & After"
for the week....

Linking up to Debbiedoos
for her
Before & After Party
There are some awesome things over there
Check it out!
Welcome back Deb!

On a very sad note,
A dear friend of mine has to put her beloved
down this week
as he has terminal cancer
No one and I mean NO one loves dogs more than her
say a little prayer for her heart to heal
Give your  *puppies*
and extra kiss tonight