Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Does this look like the E*trade baby?

Guess who came for the weekend????

He fixed my computer, hooked up my scanner, registered my kindle and even ordered my first book
OPRAH by Kitty Kelly
So I took him shopping for big boy clothes
.....and shoes for around the pool
Then we had to take a bath to get ready for bed
and dance a little with our own MP3 player
off to bed...goodnight Oma I LOVE you, can I give you a big kiss...
I love you back Matthew!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Matthew, Oma's coming home

Matthew loves Oma & Opa
So we have to go home.

Look what Melanie made us for Easter
She is so talented, check out her blog on how to decorate cakes

We are leaving here on Saturday, if we had a pool I think I would not leave until July...except that I miss my Matthew Man......
I'm coming Matthew.......

What does Ceci mean?

I got these great "made in Italy" cannisters from a store in Scottsdale, it was an antique design center on Scottsdale road right by My Sister's Closet

This place was not consignment store prices, but this dealer was reasonable compared to most of them.  We spent over an hour in there loving everything that these many different dealers had available.  The nice gentleman looked up what the sayings were pasta, lentils and then ceci ....I can't remember that one.

Target had some vinyls and I thought it would be just perfect on our mantel, I just like looking at it...makes it feel homey.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Finished Entry Way



Finally the entry way is finished!!! The Hubs and I loved this painting...from across the furniture store we both saw it and as we got closer and closer we loved it more.  Can you believe we both liked the same picture.  So this picture has been hanging in the entry all by itself for probably a month.

Then came the sconces....Susan told me about a furniture store on El Paseo having a big sale, so we headed over and this is what we found...killer deals on these sconces that go with my chandelier ....or is it too much of a good thing?

They also had these apothecary jars and the goodies in them....Susan made me bring them home.

Don't know what or if anything should go on the chest, maybe the jars???

On the way to the sale we stopped by Beatrice's "Art in Nature", that place is dangerous, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING I could take home .

Well tucked in a corner with tons of stuff on and around it was this perfect black console.  She told me to take it home on trial....well I knew if I took it home that would be it......could  I get the Hubs to go get it, it wasn't on sale????  The doors are leather....he loves leather.......I worked and worked and after a couple of days of " it's just to see if it looks good" he caved and went to get it.........

That's when I noticed the legs.....I can't believe I didn't see the legs, my favorite part!  I'm in love.

Do you think this is going back?

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Desert girls know how to Party!

A party, a Lemon Drop Martini party with Sarda Jewelry as  an appetizer.
Clean up this morning, one can tell there was too much fun last night!

Look at all these beautiful ladies!

We have been busy the entire 2 months we've been in our new home so before we head home it is time to see our friends that have been sorrily neglected.
A jewelry party by Susan Rich & lemon drops can make any party

My Palm Valley Girls

My Harley Girls

My Palm Desert Tennis Club Girls

My Mom's cousin Suzanne & her high school friend Bette

Suzanne with my high school friend Jillie

More girls

Sharon ALWAYS has her eyes closed in pictures but I got a couple tonight with them open!

Cute picture of Terri

Even with her eyes closed Jo can't take a bad picture!

Thank you Susan for bringing your beautiful jewelry and sharing with my friends
I love my Sarda and you!

I almsot forgot to mention who got the most attention.....

The Spanky Man, he LOVES the girls

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Sweet Savannah's giveaway


Would you like to have this?

Better run over to Melaine's site she is having a huge giveaway that you won't want to miss.  I always make a point of going to her site everyday as she has always got something new she is making or baking.  Impeccable taste in everything.  She has a site on Etsy for selling her creations and also does online design. I feel she is Western Washington's Martha Stewart, but much sweeter, I know this, I have met her.....

 I met her up at her open house at Christmas time (left) and what a lovely place she has, and the professionals have come calling ....she is even in the magazine At Home Classic Cottage this month.

 I felt like a stalker when going up to her home, but I wasn't alone all the others on the way up the driveway were saying the same thing.  I bought some martini glasses from her and sure could use them tomorrow for my lemon drop martini & Susan's jewelry party tomorrow, but they are up in Gig Harbor.
This is the stuff I got from her plus my little menu holder has her sundried tomato fritata recipe....ok I am acting like a stalker now!

Better go get those martini's ready there are going to be around 20 girls here tomorrow night!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Easter babies

Happy Easter everyone
God is good!

Our newest little Easter Bunny

Our other little man

Madeline afraid of  Mr. Easter Bunny
Our first Grandchild so grown up