Monday, April 12, 2010

What does Ceci mean?

I got these great "made in Italy" cannisters from a store in Scottsdale, it was an antique design center on Scottsdale road right by My Sister's Closet

This place was not consignment store prices, but this dealer was reasonable compared to most of them.  We spent over an hour in there loving everything that these many different dealers had available.  The nice gentleman looked up what the sayings were pasta, lentils and then ceci ....I can't remember that one.

Target had some vinyls and I thought it would be just perfect on our mantel, I just like looking at it...makes it feel homey.


  1. Kathy I love that built in, it is gorgeous!

  2. Hi!
    Your lettering looks awesome! I had mine done by a friend. Hysterical story, I pulled all the vinyl off on the wrong side, so when I went to put it up it would have went on backwards! Needless to say, it took this poor gal ALL day to correct her sadly inept first adventure in vinyl.
    I believe after you posted to my blog the first time, I came over and replied to your blog, (I think christmas time) Are you married to GaryF? I use to work for him back in the day. My aunt is Phyllis.
    Small small world.
    Thanks for shopping, we will be moving into our new and improved original grand heron in a few months! Theres no place like home!
    till next time,
    coastal nest