Saturday, April 10, 2010

Finished Entry Way



Finally the entry way is finished!!! The Hubs and I loved this painting...from across the furniture store we both saw it and as we got closer and closer we loved it more.  Can you believe we both liked the same picture.  So this picture has been hanging in the entry all by itself for probably a month.

Then came the sconces....Susan told me about a furniture store on El Paseo having a big sale, so we headed over and this is what we found...killer deals on these sconces that go with my chandelier ....or is it too much of a good thing?

They also had these apothecary jars and the goodies in them....Susan made me bring them home.

Don't know what or if anything should go on the chest, maybe the jars???

On the way to the sale we stopped by Beatrice's "Art in Nature", that place is dangerous, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING I could take home .

Well tucked in a corner with tons of stuff on and around it was this perfect black console.  She told me to take it home on trial....well I knew if I took it home that would be it......could  I get the Hubs to go get it, it wasn't on sale????  The doors are leather....he loves leather.......I worked and worked and after a couple of days of " it's just to see if it looks good" he caved and went to get it.........

That's when I noticed the legs.....I can't believe I didn't see the legs, my favorite part!  I'm in love.

Do you think this is going back?


  1. Hi Kathy, so nice to meet you too!!! Thank you for the nice comment. I will come back with some spare time to pay you a full visit.

    In the meanwhile, hugs from me

  2. Your place is really coming together nicely, I love all your pieces. That is great you and the hubster liked the same picture, I love when that happens...because for me, that means I get to have it:)

  3. Pretty room! I've just found your blog and am enjoying it!