Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Trey

Today is my Nephew Trey's (Ernest Antone Reinhard lll) birthday.  He is at the Seahawks game in box seats watching what he likes best.....sports.

 Anything sports has always been Trey's thing.  He is a fantastic baseball player with too many MVP's to count.  He is great at soccer &  swimming as well.  Over the 13 years that Trey has been around so has Aunt Kathy at his games and meets.

Sometimes I have been a little miffed at all the practices and games as it takes away "Aunt Kathy" time.  When I have stayed with him when the parents are gone, it is all about mananging time to go between the boys games/practices....once we cut a swim practice to go to a movie and boy did I hear about that!

However I must admit that these things are very important and build a young man's character (the schedule not the movies) .  His parents are the most devoted parents I have been able to be around and very proud of them for making their sons great people with ambition, drive and goals.  Trey will be a great athlete some day you all mark my words...I'm betting on baseball.....the next Ken Griffey know his son is a 3rd as well and has the nickname Trey.  This is not a coincedence!

Happy 13th Birthday Buddy, your Aunt admires and loves you to the end of the earth!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wild Kent Women for a Christmas Dinner

We are still Wild!

 Dinner party for the 10 of us Grandma's and our
hottie hubbys!  Dinner theme was Christmas.  We have so much to be thankful for.  All 5 of us have been friends from Jr. High on.  Sharon and I were in 2nd and 3rd grade together so we are the "oldest" friends.  We have been through everything together, marriages, divorces, babys, graduations, childrens weddings, grand baby showers, grandbaby births and parents passings. It is a blessing that I don't take for granted.

Two years ago when we all turned 50 we became Grandma's to, get this, 5 beautiful baby girls.....what are the odds that 5 women  had 5 girls that had 5 granddaughters the year we turned 50?????  We think we could make Oprah for this!

What I know for sure (speaking of Oprah) is that these 4 beautiful women that have been in my life for all these years will be there always.  They will be at my hospital bed plucking my chin hairs and washing my hair and shaving my hairy legs (this is a big job)   I love each and everyone one of them with all my heart. 
How did I get so lucky.

A day with Cheryl and My Sweet Savannah

Friday was a big Day.  We packed a lot into it.

We went up north to spend the day with Doug and Cheryl.  We had not been to their home on Lake Washington before and what a treat.  So cute and even though it is the dead of winter I wanted to jump into the lake right of their dock.  Just a breathtaking setting.

The guys and Spanky watched TV all day while Cheryl and I shopped, I've never been to U. Village and had been hearing so much about it from Cheryl so we started there with my first trip to "Anthropologie" LOVE LOVE LOVE that fun store, then onto Pottery Barn/Restoration Hardware /etc etc...I could have stayed there all Zao, we had Tofu fries yummmm, couldn't get enough of those.

We took dinner back for the guys and took off for my wine club Covington Cellars in Woodinville.  Cindy was there hosting a corporate dinner so we just grabbed the new bottles and took off for My Sweet Savannah's place on Crystal Lake, it's in Woodinville as well. 

I feel like a blogger stalker, but you can have Julia Roberts, I am a Melaine fan.  You really feel like you know these wonderful women from checking out their blogs everyday.  Her house is decorated so beautifully it was such a treat to see her and her friend Kim, whos blog I also read daily Mimi charmante. They had stuff all over her house for sale, total eye candy.  I got 10  really beautiful wine glasses for my dinner party on Sunday.  I used them for pomegrante martini glasses.  The martini glasses I have now are too big for the sugar rimmer cans and these work perfect! 

Such a wonderful day, this is what Christmas is all about making the time to spend with friends and doing the things you, shopping, shopping!