Sunday, October 30, 2011

Design Cottage has moved to Tacoma

Well my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint gal
 has moved
away from Gig Harbor
she went across the bridge into Tacoma
to a much bigger place

I can't blame her she has a fantastic
new location

this is the cutest store
and with her growing business
she needed the room

just look at all this room she has now

she has fabulous displays of her chalk paint work

I still can't believe she made this
she is so excited about her new place
it is in the cutest neighborhood
with lots of traffic
she gets so many walk-ins now

and lots of back room painting is always going on
I am so happy for her
her website is up and running

and I've found a new color
anybody tried this one out yet?

A pretty fall drive to see a car

the hubs loves old cars
and a guy in eastern washington
had one for sale

it was such a beautiful drive
along the river
the fly fisherman were out

and more were coming

we stopped a couple of times to take pictures

It was just a beautiful day
and of course the
was so happy
we'll see if the guy
wants to trade
for the hubs car

I personally like the one we have better....
but then what do i know about cars?

all i know is i had a fun day
checking out our beautiful state
with my hubs

i feel so sorry for the east coast
and all their terrible weather
hoping they all have some
uggs they can put on

aren't these cute?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My custom leaded glass door

It's back up finally

my side entry where 99.9% of guests enter

used to have a boring solid door with a very small little
window at the top
 that entry space was so dark all day long...
it needed to be bright and welcoming
so a few years ago my very talented

came for a visit and made me a beautiful
leaded glass door

there was a lot of work put into this
trying to figure out patterns

then constructing

isn't it beautiful

 I still can't get over what a big job that it was
and what a huge talent she is

I am just blown away by her
artistic ability

what a HUGE difference it made

well it broke awhile ago...
 i forgot to put the doorstop in while it was open
that will never happen again...
 it got sent out to the very specialized glass doctor
who happens to live close to us...
lucky because hauling this 8 foot glass door
is not good for my heart 

and it came back changed a bit
he added some lead for support
in places that changed the look
can you see the difference?

this is the new look
see the 3 horizontal lead bars
he added in the middle

the close up shows off the
~german antique glass~

which I was informed by the

glass Dr. is so expensive now
because germany ran out of it
the old original look
 was prettier
but not sturdy enough
so this is just fine with me
I still love everything about it
I just love this door
and feel so lucky to have it
This is one of my favorite things in my home
I think of my
every time I see it
thanks B
I love ya!

savvy southern style
is having her
check it out!!

What an honor...

Wow this is a first
I won an

this is so sweet
thank you
a new friend of mine
her blog
is worth checking out

i am suppose to tell you all
7 things about me that you probably don't know
so here goes...

#1    i grew up on a farm with cows and horses and showed quarter horses
until high school

#2  my car in high school was an orange Volkswagen convertible
i think my dad wanted to make sure I was highly visible
so i wouldn't be hit
which wasn't a good thing when us *wild kent women* went to our rival school and 
wrote in whipping cream on the cars our school's name
because of that car I was called into the principles office 

#3  i have to balance my checkbook to the penny or I can't sleep at night

#4 i can't draw, even stick people don't look good

#5  i love a hot shower and spend way too much time in there in the mornings

#6  i spend way too much time wishing i could do projects instead of trying to do them

#7 i am thankful for menopause because i'm not always cold now
and don't mind that open window at night that the Hubs has always insisted on

now i get to pass this on to 15 bloggers
most of the bloggers I know have gotten this award
so don't feel pressure to have to do this again
but know I love your blogs and appreciate all the time and effort you put into them
to give us non creative souls such
I am so thankful for each and every one of you!

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If you have the time I would love to hear 7 things about yourself
that most of us don't know....

Monday, October 24, 2011

Grannie's gone wild baby shower

this weekend was all about
~baby showers~

my girlfriends from high school
~the kent wild women~

okay...maybe we go by
~grannies gone wild~
we still get together for all
special occasions
and babies are very

jolaine & my 
are due in december
sharon & susan's
daughters are due in the spring

what pretty girls we have

so we love getting together for such
a special day to shower our girls with
 this homemade blankie by
~miss judy~

this is such a cute picture of her & her hubby
even with her beautiful blue eyes closed

this is the eyes open version

when we get together
most of the hubbys come as well as the kids, grandkids

the guys usually go upstairs and watch football
and we girls end up lovin on the kids & babies

memaw & emma rose

little miss amy

my son and grandson

miss marina
matthew has quite a few girls to pick from
out of this group

and he wasn't playing favorites
emma rose

what a very fun day
we grannies had
this is truly my family
how lucky am I....
my life wouldn't be the same without them

then sunday
we had melanie's family over
for a small family

my bestest friend becki
melanie & sister sandi

we all can't wait for our christmas
even matthew is getting excited
he has no idea what's coming
poor little innocent man
his world is going to change!

so after a very busy week of preparing
and a very busy weekend of partying
i took the day off
did absolutely nothing but
catch up on my blogs
tomorrow i start painting...
stay tuned....