Sunday, October 30, 2011

A pretty fall drive to see a car

the hubs loves old cars
and a guy in eastern washington
had one for sale

it was such a beautiful drive
along the river
the fly fisherman were out

and more were coming

we stopped a couple of times to take pictures

It was just a beautiful day
and of course the
was so happy
we'll see if the guy
wants to trade
for the hubs car

I personally like the one we have better....
but then what do i know about cars?

all i know is i had a fun day
checking out our beautiful state
with my hubs

i feel so sorry for the east coast
and all their terrible weather
hoping they all have some
uggs they can put on

aren't these cute?


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous scenery. I love the one across the lake with the colorful trees and the green grass and the ducks. The last one with the golden trees is great, too.

  2. So pretty Kathy. I love where you live. Great cars too!

  3. I LOVE old cars too and that is some gorgeous scenery. Beautiful pictures! I love me some UGGS!

  4. I love the flames! Keep that one! I want me some real uggs! Maybe one day!

    I need to find out what giveaway you are talking about! lol!

  5. I did have my uggs here in NJ for our snow storm last week. Glad its over and melted.

    Kimberly's Korner

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