Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rodeo Drive & Villa Blanca

I want this pillow

This weekend my Montana friend
~Lilly of the Lake~
I like to call her

That's her home in the background
got a hot deal on a flight to L.A.X.
and asked if I could pick her up...
well  Palm Springs to L.A. is NOT next door
about a 2 1/2 hour drive on good day
So we conjured up a weekend to make it worth the trip
~Rodeo Drive~
whoo hoo did we have fun!!
First off on Sunday there were no meters running and we hit the jackpot
parking right in front of our restaurant

We are Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans

so we had made reservations for Sunday Brunch
at the restaurant of our favorite housewife
Lisa (2nd from right)
~Villa Blanca~
Lisa was gone to Palm Springs for the weekend..darn!
But her darling daughter Pandora and her boyfriend Jason were there running the place
and overly generous with their time for a couple of
~star struck stalkers~
We also saw Lisa's husband's best friend Martin eating at the table next to us
and he even spoke to us!
This place was so beautiful and white and french and the food was
fantastic and inexpensive... 

Look at these fresh flowers that I am sure
Lisa arranged herself
Such a good and beautiful looking salad
This is the most fabulous dessert
But it was the attention we got from the staff that made our lunch..
Love, Love, Love
that place!
Now don't just take my word for it
This is Kim Kardashian's
favorite restaurant too!!

Then we hit the streets
ooh la la
a lot to gaggle over
I was in heaven at the Chanel store
This is in the Chanel elevator

Jimmy Choo

The coolest store fronts

Then to cap off the afternoon
Beverly Hills Hotel
Polo lounge
for drinks

The newly remodeled
These chandeliers are incredible

We had such a good time I want to take the
Hubs back for a weekend sometime
and maybe stay here!

Hey check out
 Miss Debbiedoos
She's having a party for those
of us interested in meeting
new folks

Monday, January 24, 2011

Spanky Doodle Man

Miss Debbiedoos
is having a
~Pet Party~
I seriously have the cutest pet
~So I am in~

My Hubs was at his sister's house one day
 and saw these cute little
~Shih Tzu pups~
He called me and wanted to bring one home

He wore me down and by the time the next litter was due
~I caved~
The Hubs had him named before we got there

I love this little man
he is perfect in every way

I have to admit the Hubs
was right about this!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Garage Sale Find

Today I went
as my friend Jillie from High School
likes to call it...
Look what I found
Isn't she a beauty?
but the good news is
she has a twin

They have no stains, no smell
and they were $35 each
I couldn't break up the pair
I think I'll call them
Laverne & Shirley

I'm not sure where they will go yet
 what they will end up looking like...
you know I have a sewing machine, right?

Maybe this cutie

Or like this?
 Now that I know what ticking is I seem to love it more

Maybe I'll put them in my bedroom like in this picture
and get some beautiful toile

This might be too big of a project for me to take on
but worth a dream or two

How do you think they should look?

Better hit the hay
A big game of golf
with the girls
Wish me luck!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Miss Meet Elizabethan

Oh my goodness did I get excited yesterday when the pest man stopped by
oh that didn't sound good did it.......
We never go to the front door except to answer the doorbell
~we should~
There were 2 packages left there for Lord knows how long...
So thankfully Manny the pest guy rang the door bell holding boxes!
Look what came in so quick...
only 1 week
turned me on to this place when she got her new Chandy
What a selection it is hard to choose, really...
Thankfully the Hubs liked what I liked so it was a go

We were having a dinner party that night and couldn't believe our
He went right to work putting it up and with just a few trips to H.Depot
Meet Miss Elizabethan

I had been worried that she wouldn't give out enough light
but she came through
6 chandy light bulbs with 40 watts of brilliance
we are lit up like a Christmas tree in that room now!
I have been playing with her and that dimmer switch
~all day~
does everyone get so attached to their
light fixtures like me?
I'm hoping she likes her big brother just a few feet away

Oh and that dinner party was so much fun...
It was the guys who started out the evening in this new 
~reading room~
Us girls were at the bar in the kitchen
that's a switch!

Look what was for dessert.....
Better get back to riding that bike today!

Monday, January 10, 2011

My First Sewing 101 Class

Fun, Fun, Day starting with
~Sewing 101~
at the fabric store

Turns out I had remembered a number of things
from Miss Fuchs 8th grade
Home EC class
so I wasn't feeling too bad in our very small class of
However there are lots of new things on the market

no one uses scissors anymore
they use a wheel to cut with...
and my cute little pink tomato pin cushion is out
magnetic pin holders are in

I was shown how to
open the box
take the machine out
fill the bobbin with thread
and make a stitch
Look out here I come!!!

I am linking up to my
Savvy Southern Style
Sister Kim for her
Boring to Better Party
this is pretty lame but will have to do this week

my new sewing room with the machine still in the box

Opened, threaded and ready to start my 1st project

I was told I didn't necessarily get the best machine
but since I wasn't going into business sewing or anything like that.....
~I would probably be ok~
I picked it out cause I thought it was pretty
something wrong with that?
Maybe I should decorate my room around the machine????
Bingo.. first project!

The teacher was a great guy
full of information on all different fabrics
did you know all those synthetic fabrics came about
after the war started and they were looking for ways to make rubber?
Polyester, rayon etc etc....
and I found out what
~ticking is~
a heavy duty cotton so that the down feathers wouldn't go through pillows....

humm never new that either
I always loved the name ticking and wondered what that meant....

So I figure I got my $17 worth today

Then I went across the street and met my dear friend for lunch
~Jo is on the right~
well a great salad too!

We both have 3 grand kids
so there was lots to talk about....
Really a great day!