Monday, January 24, 2011

Spanky Doodle Man

Miss Debbiedoos
is having a
~Pet Party~
I seriously have the cutest pet
~So I am in~

My Hubs was at his sister's house one day
 and saw these cute little
~Shih Tzu pups~
He called me and wanted to bring one home

He wore me down and by the time the next litter was due
~I caved~
The Hubs had him named before we got there

I love this little man
he is perfect in every way

I have to admit the Hubs
was right about this!


  1. Welcome are the most adorable pet...but there is a long line behind you:) Oh what a cutie, how could you say NO Kathy. I can see he is the love of your to the hubby and grandkids of course. Thanks for sharing him with us all.

  2. Oh my goodness, Spanky is soooo cute!!! Thank you for stopping by and visiting from Debbie's Pet Party! Super fun!

    ~The Mama Monster

  3. Aww, I love Spanky! He is adorable!!

    My ex-husband and his girlfriend have a Shih Tzu that I adore. I get to doggy sit her sometimes. :)

  4. Look how cute Spanky is!!!! He just looks so proud having his picture taken with his momma! Love your little guy Kathy!

  5. Oh Spanky you are precious! My Sophie would LOVE you! Thank goodness your mommy finally caved cause you are too cute!

  6. spanky is so cute! so glad you listened to the hubs this time!

  7. Um, yes! You really do have the cutest pet! So cute.

  8. Awww, he is very cute! We cave so easily when it comes to cute little pups!!

  9. Kathy, he is so cute and I am sure he isn't spoiled at all!!

  10. From one Shih Tzu Momma to another... hi:)
    Spanky is so cute, I've never met a Tzu that isn't, have you? Come over and meet Boo.

  11. Awww... you and mommy are just too cute!

  12. He's darling! Gotta love a man that brings a dog home. Aren't boy dogs the best? I always had girls till I got my Newman and now I adore boy dogs. They are so loving.

  13. What an adorable puppy. I love dogs. My Bonnie (Westie) is the boss! I linked over from Debbiedoos.

  14. I love these dogs. They are so cute.