Monday, May 21, 2012

Luckett's with Miss Mustard Seed

I met 
Miss Mustard Seed

i have been out 
as my daughter calls it
at the big antique fair in 
lucketts, virginia

 was so sweet and adorable and very
 of my crazy fan like behavior

to go in to the store
to see her 
the one that i drool over with
every post she does...

that would be me accosting the poor girl
as she was trying to get something to eat

and there i spotted the cutest piece of ironstone

it is my first real piece but more importantly 
~was in her home~
ok, i know....
 watch it or she will be getting a restraining order out on me

we got there sunday around noonish
missy mustard seed 
was almost plum out of 
i got a few shots of her booth but the cupboards were pretty bare by then

she has impeccable taste
has a line of 
milk paint
coming soon
as well as a book...

mama mustard seed
was so darn cute...
and we were so interested in her stories of how
her daughter got her start..
she is such a very proud 

the fair was 
fantastic and we enjoyed the day so much

i heard there were 170 vendors
rows and rows of them

some of these booths were so pretty
and sold really useful stuff

on this very warm day
we all needed fanning..

and isn't this hilarious?

ok i bet i could do some
notice the guy pushing the stroller... looking at girlie stuff
and he's got a hunting cap on
what a good husband

i am so keeping this in mind
for the wine cellar room

if i didn't have to fly home
i would have brought
this adorable frog with me

the birdhouse reminded me of brother bill
and that frog with his hand on his heart
almost made me burst into tears

my girls

such beautiful weather
and great company
made this one of the best days 

i'm pretty sure i can call her one of my
tee hee!!!

next year i would love to organize a 
lucketts party so i can meet more of 
east coast blogger friends and we can all stalk together
but by then who knows... 
miss mustard seed 
might have her own tv show
bless her heart 
this girl is going big places
you have to check out her blog

hey so sorry about being
silent for the last couple of months
i've missed blogging but 
i was not in the sharing mode about much..
after loosing brother bill 
it just... 
~knocked the wind out of our sails~

the baby grands are a reminder
that life is a big circle and goes on
and we must too....

i will be here visiting them for another week
and hope to get lots of pictures of them 
of the projects i am helping annie with...
can we say 
milk paint!

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