Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Intercoastal Waterway

until we went to florida
i had never heard of the term
~intercoastal waterway~
this is what i love about
learning new things

well just look what you can do in a boat for fun
if you feel like it...
they even have cruises

the hubs best friend 
 all the way back from jr highschool
winters in 
~st pete beach~
this is taken from their dock

about 15 minutes from my dad's place
near the very famous
~don cesar hotel~
and they have a
everyone in florida has a
it seems
and why not
this waterway is like a hiway
it's nice and safe being inside and protected
from the sometimes choppy open waters

st pete yacht club
jack invited us to go out in the boat
the hubs, dad and i
couldn't wait....
within minutes we hit the waterway

it is very shallow where we were and there
are buoys everywhere to guide you
just like a road

crab pots to watch for
this water is only a few feet deep
so you have to really pay attention
 you have to stay in your own lane

don't dare put on the brakes
or you could be rear-ended
but these boaters have fun
there are all sorts of places to stop
eat, shop, party
 that day we did it all...

dad had the oysters
shrimp wrap
key lime martini
seriously a high lite of the trip

Johns Pass
near madeira beach

the homes along the waterway are just breathtaking
and it just goes
on and on and on...

interesting traffic

well after a beautiful day of
we decided to take the
freeway home
and head into the open waters
a really, really, fun, interesting, educational day
with 3 great guys

how lucky am i.....
we can't wait to go again and do some
island hopping
we are digging this boat stuff
have you guys heard of the
dad can't wait to get his dock fixed so he can
get his boats brought down
start in with the fun

we'll be there!!!!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad

lazy day here today

the hubs and i are doing taxes
so we can get the heck out of the rain
and head south

happy birthday dad
sure did enjoy our visit with you
Thanks for Everything!!!

still working on getting all our pictures together from the
florida  trip...
stayed tuned

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Saturday, February 11, 2012


brought the hubs to florida so he could see what all the
was about

one of his best buds from highschool lives about 20 minutes from dad
and he has a boat..bonus...
~so how perfect was that~
i was in heaven because of two things
 my dad's new house that has to be remodeled
my dream.....
 to make things
not using my checkbook

this is a very big job
i've met with architect 3 times
interior designer once
so starts a very long process
as almost every room in this house
needs to be
some more than others
maybe i need to pack up and move here for a year?????
i could think of worse things...

just say a little prayer that my dad doesn't find a
new girlfriend who wants to steal all my fun...
that actually happened on the last house he remodeled

headed home today
can't wait to get my pictures downloaded
and share all the stuff we did while here
it was really a blast

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