Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Entry Rock Gets Numbers

At the bottom of the driveway of our little farmhouse
we have needed our house numbers
I always thought this rock would be a
great place for it

~yikes the grass~

The Hubs or maybe Brother Bill
put together some numbers
a few years back
they just don't quite cut it
since our beautiful sign went up

out driving around looking at beautiful homes one night with
Brother Bill & Linda
 we saw some really pretty house numbers on stone
Brother Bill found out who made them
A local guy Josh at
look what he did for moi..
see those pegs on the back
those go into the rock
I wanted a dark hunter green to
match the sign & the roof

First Brother Bill made a template

Then he figured out where to put them

then he pulled out the big guns
put some epoxy concrete glue in the holes


Did you notice
while he was drilling
I was weeding



now I just need to get some
~not a deer favorite~
and really dress this up
the lavender that Bill & Linda planted
have done so nicely but we need some more color
and he also put up a spot light with a sensor
so at night it's
~all lit up~

Thanks again for everything
Brother Bill

I'm having a very hard time
trying to figure out what I can
possibly do to return all the favors
my in-laws have
bestowed upon us this summer
I will let you know what I come up with!
Joining Kim's party

Monday, August 29, 2011

What a week..burglary, surgery

It all started with a call that our little farmhouse
had been broken into...

It was a week before we could get here
and what a mess to come home to
not by the burglars
but by the police fingerprinting
that black graphite stuff was everywhere
they didn't put down newspaper to catch it
as it fell to the carpeting
light carpeting
~tracked all through the house~
on the white cabinets
on the pine cabinets

the burglars were after
not stuff
and since I hid the keys they didn't get them
and they didn't take too much of anything else
they didn't disturb much either
all cabinets and drawers were opened
but since we don't live here full time
there is nothing much to take
unless your an interior decorator
and love roosters
glass from the broken window was everywhere
and between that and the graphite
there was much clean up
before we could even get in the house
after a 10 hour drive

It is yucky having known that people were in
~your space~
people that don't belong here...
a feeling hard to describe
it was scary being here all by myself
those 2 nights the Hubs was in the hospital...

~the hospital~ 
was a worse experience
than it should have been..
a routine knee replacement surgery
but complications with
fever, high blood pressure and high heart rate
turned it into 3 days of scary things to deal with
and just seeing him in such pain
~was hard to take~
I found I forgot all about the burglary...
that was the small stuff in life we have to deal with
the big stuff was my
~big guy~

 thank goodness he is well and recovering
this was a way bigger deal than we had expected
and we are so grateful everything is ok
that we were reminded to make each day count

oh he's gonna hate me for this..

thanks to the Hubs
~Brother Bill & Linda~
for taking care of
~  well everything~

Friday, August 19, 2011

Annie Sloan in Gig Harbor

I hit the Jackpot
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Last week looking for locations of stockists
I couldn't believe my eyes
There are only 3 in Washington
and my
was one of them...
I jumped in my car and rushed down
to a little store that I had never seen before
she's new in town

nested between a couple of other small shops
there is the cutest little furniture
that sells Chalk Paint
and has classes on how to use it

a whole wall of the stuff

I just knew I was going to like this place
anyone carrying Annie Sloan just had to be
meet the owner
she is so sweet
and she's soooo talented...
 she made this doll house

 fully furnished

and so many beautiful pieces of

furniture that she has re-created into something

along with her friend Jan they have created some
 incredible transfomations
of furniture
Diane likes to start out with really
well made furniture
like this Ethan Allen table

she loves this chalk paint
and her store is full of
and I love what she can do with it
she gets the most interesting furniture in
from friends and clients
look at this one...
too cute for words
this guy is set to get a makeover

this gal is good...
painting everything she gets her hands on

she loves these broom sticks from a
company out of Gatlinburg, TN

every nook and crannie is filled
with excitement
this store is so full of eye candy

look what she did to the kitchen

she loves bunnies
her trademark

I believe I've found my new best friend!

This beautiful piece is coming home with me
can you guess which one?
You just have to visit her website
 her blog is in the works
The design Cottage Gig Harbor .com
She is the sweetest and most talented new gal in town!

Welcome Diane

and of course
don't forget .....
a stockist for Annie Sloan