Monday, August 29, 2011

What a week..burglary, surgery

It all started with a call that our little farmhouse
had been broken into...

It was a week before we could get here
and what a mess to come home to
not by the burglars
but by the police fingerprinting
that black graphite stuff was everywhere
they didn't put down newspaper to catch it
as it fell to the carpeting
light carpeting
~tracked all through the house~
on the white cabinets
on the pine cabinets

the burglars were after
not stuff
and since I hid the keys they didn't get them
and they didn't take too much of anything else
they didn't disturb much either
all cabinets and drawers were opened
but since we don't live here full time
there is nothing much to take
unless your an interior decorator
and love roosters
glass from the broken window was everywhere
and between that and the graphite
there was much clean up
before we could even get in the house
after a 10 hour drive

It is yucky having known that people were in
~your space~
people that don't belong here...
a feeling hard to describe
it was scary being here all by myself
those 2 nights the Hubs was in the hospital...

~the hospital~ 
was a worse experience
than it should have been..
a routine knee replacement surgery
but complications with
fever, high blood pressure and high heart rate
turned it into 3 days of scary things to deal with
and just seeing him in such pain
~was hard to take~
I found I forgot all about the burglary...
that was the small stuff in life we have to deal with
the big stuff was my
~big guy~

 thank goodness he is well and recovering
this was a way bigger deal than we had expected
and we are so grateful everything is ok
that we were reminded to make each day count

oh he's gonna hate me for this..

thanks to the Hubs
~Brother Bill & Linda~
for taking care of
~  well everything~


  1. I am SO sorry to read about all of this! A break-in is bad enough in an ordinary week, but for your poor husband to have to go into surgery knowing that you were dealing with the burglary is just too much. I hope his recovery is going better than the actual operation.
    Thinking of you.

  2. I've been burgled -- a real feeling of violation. Sorry to hear you had to deal with that. Prayers for your hubby's speedy recovery. My Mom had her knee replaced a few years ago -- made a huge difference in her quality of life :)


  3. Glad hubs is out of the woods. You just never know, surgery is surgery and things just happen. Now about the thieves. I guess lucky you, there could have been much more distruction. Maybe it was kids? I hate thieves!

  4. Hi Kathy! I am glad things are settling down now for you all. If those robbers would have taken a rooster, you might have blamed me LOL! Continued recovery for the hubs!

  5. Wow, Kathy, you have had a time haven't you? So sorry you have had to deal with the break in and the surgery at the same time. One is enough to handle. My mom's hip surgery was a lot rougher than we thought it would be too a couple of years ago. Hope he is feeling better.

  6. Wow, you are having a rough time. So sad about Hubby and the break in. I know what ya mean about the finger print dust, my car was stolen once and that stuff was everywhere. Fortunately insurance will pay to have it all cleaned for you. You are in my prayers.

  7. Wow. Sorry you're having to deal with all of this. I hope he's feeling better and they catch the burglars!

  8. Oh Kathy I'm so sorry about the burglary! That really is terrible - and I know how neat and careful you are with your home. All that graphite would have made me scream! I'm glad that your sweetie is doing so much better - good luck!

  9. Oh my gosh, I can't believe all that has happened. BIG HUGS. I hope your hubby is feeling much better, how scary. I am so sorry about the home intruder. What a terrible set of circumstances to have to deal with. Prayers and ((Hugs)) XO ~Liz

  10. Oh, Kathy,

    I wish I could give you a big hug right now. Honestly. I feel so sad for all of this. The good thing is that your husband is better now and that's what really matters.

    About the house... gosh... I hate this kind of stuff! It's so unfair. Have you thought of having alarm system? That can scare this kind of people.

    I'll pray for your husband, sweetie and for you too.


    Luciane at