Friday, January 14, 2011

Miss Meet Elizabethan

Oh my goodness did I get excited yesterday when the pest man stopped by
oh that didn't sound good did it.......
We never go to the front door except to answer the doorbell
~we should~
There were 2 packages left there for Lord knows how long...
So thankfully Manny the pest guy rang the door bell holding boxes!
Look what came in so quick...
only 1 week
turned me on to this place when she got her new Chandy
What a selection it is hard to choose, really...
Thankfully the Hubs liked what I liked so it was a go

We were having a dinner party that night and couldn't believe our
He went right to work putting it up and with just a few trips to H.Depot
Meet Miss Elizabethan

I had been worried that she wouldn't give out enough light
but she came through
6 chandy light bulbs with 40 watts of brilliance
we are lit up like a Christmas tree in that room now!
I have been playing with her and that dimmer switch
~all day~
does everyone get so attached to their
light fixtures like me?
I'm hoping she likes her big brother just a few feet away

Oh and that dinner party was so much fun...
It was the guys who started out the evening in this new 
~reading room~
Us girls were at the bar in the kitchen
that's a switch!

Look what was for dessert.....
Better get back to riding that bike today!


  1. Yes we love our lights and our dimmers LOL!
    Looks fantastic Kathy, you must be so excited. OK now I really hate you, look at that YUMMY! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I love your new light it is GORG!! From what I see your home is beautiful! Thank you for stopping by my new blog I appreciate it. It is so much fun meeting all of you new people! I am your newest follower! Have a great weekend!


  3. Love that light!!! That is gorgeous! You know, you could mimic your entryway medallion with a painting or light medallion and draw attention to Miss Elizabethan even more. She is so gorgeous!!! Yay for Manny!