Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My custom leaded glass door

It's back up finally

my side entry where 99.9% of guests enter

used to have a boring solid door with a very small little
window at the top
 that entry space was so dark all day long...
it needed to be bright and welcoming
so a few years ago my very talented

came for a visit and made me a beautiful
leaded glass door

there was a lot of work put into this
trying to figure out patterns

then constructing

isn't it beautiful

 I still can't get over what a big job that it was
and what a huge talent she is

I am just blown away by her
artistic ability

what a HUGE difference it made

well it broke awhile ago...
 i forgot to put the doorstop in while it was open
that will never happen again...
 it got sent out to the very specialized glass doctor
who happens to live close to us...
lucky because hauling this 8 foot glass door
is not good for my heart 

and it came back changed a bit
he added some lead for support
in places that changed the look
can you see the difference?

this is the new look
see the 3 horizontal lead bars
he added in the middle

the close up shows off the
~german antique glass~

which I was informed by the

glass Dr. is so expensive now
because germany ran out of it
the old original look
 was prettier
but not sturdy enough
so this is just fine with me
I still love everything about it
I just love this door
and feel so lucky to have it
This is one of my favorite things in my home
I think of my
every time I see it
thanks B
I love ya!

savvy southern style
is having her
check it out!!


  1. Very talented sister you have there. Oh the patience she must have. Lucky you. I have two sisters as well, love them!

  2. Kathy, that is gorgeous. What a talent she has. We had a lead glass window made for the master bathroom when we built the house and it was fun working with the artisan. That is a lot of work. No wonder they are so expensive.

  3. Even with the repairs, this is still your sister's design, and so very beautiful and precious. What a talent!

  4. Wow what a talented sister you have. Your door is fabulous, I absolutely love it!

  5. Kathy that is absolutely GORGEOUS!! She sure is talented!! I love it! Martina

  6. What a difference a door makes Kathy. Just gorgeous. That sure does take some mad talent there. Let there be LIGHT!

  7. Beautiful Kathy, I love the new look. What a sweet sister you have. xo ~Liz

  8. oh my goodness!! that is the prettiest door!

  9. Thank you Kathy and everyone else for your nice comments. I enjoyed making it and know that it will be appreciated always by Kathy for years to come. Love you Sis~ Becky

  10. You know... beauty has more to do w/ love than aesthetics. I see why you love its looks, after all it's a gorgeous door, but it's so much more than a door for you and I get that. It's really meaningful and something you'll always treasure.

    I also have a sister and I know how our love can be strong... it's a gift!

    I did have an 3D the other day and saw our little Matthew! It was UNBELIEVABLE!!! :-) So nice to share this with you and you share about your grandson w/ me. Very sweet!!!

    By the way, I'm sorry I'm missing some of your posts lately, Kathy. But I'm trying to spend very little time in front of the computer. I have too much pain if I stay here for too long. So, I'm trying to take it easy now, since there's only 4 weeks to go. :-)

    Wishing you a blessed weekend.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  11. Your door is gorgeous! What a talented sis you have. I have always wanted to take a class to learn how to do leaded and stain glass. Aren't sisters the best? I have 4 wonderful ones.

  12. I want a door that could give me wonderful entrance seems like I'm a princess so I want to have glass doors. Thanks!

  13. This is definitely a work of art! Glass doors can beautify one's home and add natural light to the space as well. You're very lucky to have a very talented sister like her. It was so sweet of her to create something special for you and your home. I hope the door is still in good shape.

    |Bonita Bramer|