Monday, October 24, 2011

Grannie's gone wild baby shower

this weekend was all about
~baby showers~

my girlfriends from high school
~the kent wild women~

okay...maybe we go by
~grannies gone wild~
we still get together for all
special occasions
and babies are very

jolaine & my 
are due in december
sharon & susan's
daughters are due in the spring

what pretty girls we have

so we love getting together for such
a special day to shower our girls with
 this homemade blankie by
~miss judy~

this is such a cute picture of her & her hubby
even with her beautiful blue eyes closed

this is the eyes open version

when we get together
most of the hubbys come as well as the kids, grandkids

the guys usually go upstairs and watch football
and we girls end up lovin on the kids & babies

memaw & emma rose

little miss amy

my son and grandson

miss marina
matthew has quite a few girls to pick from
out of this group

and he wasn't playing favorites
emma rose

what a very fun day
we grannies had
this is truly my family
how lucky am I....
my life wouldn't be the same without them

then sunday
we had melanie's family over
for a small family

my bestest friend becki
melanie & sister sandi

we all can't wait for our christmas
even matthew is getting excited
he has no idea what's coming
poor little innocent man
his world is going to change!

so after a very busy week of preparing
and a very busy weekend of partying
i took the day off
did absolutely nothing but
catch up on my blogs
tomorrow i start painting...
stay tuned....


  1. Whew - that was some weekend!
    I've just come in from a day of shopping down your way - what fun! for little grandsons, little outfits and Hallowe'en treats.
    Good luck with the painting!

  2. Looks like a special, fun time was had by all. I wanted to let you know that I awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! Here's the link to my blog post: Take care.

  3. Looks like you had a busy fun weekend, too! So many grandbabies.

  4. Yeah! Thanks again for such a fun time. I've been craving that spinach spread... and that yummy apple cider too!

  5. This was so much fun - Kathy you are simply the best! And these pictures are so great (Even the ones of me!!) hope you don't mind if I save a few - especially the one of Melanie and I!

  6. Everybody looks so happy in there!

    Great time, great memories.

  7. Good times good times. What a fun looking bunch of grannies. So exciting how your family is growing, looked like a great day!

  8. What a fun and lovely gathering you had! Love those baby photos...Congrats on the upcoming family addition!

  9. What a fun time you all had together, great pics! =) xo ~Liz

  10. Looks like a good time had by all. Nothing better than being surrounded by those you love : )



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