Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Mantel

Ok.... my friend and neighbor
 has inspired me to get this

~mantel decorated~

also I am hosting 2 parties this weekend
for my daughter-in-law
~Miss Melanie~
who is having a Christmas baby
so needed to get on the ball and
~get it done~

here is the 


also changed the furniture around
for the new settee
to have a place of it's own

I love this new way of seating
the chairs are part of the sofa area.....
the Hubs isn't too sure about this
he sat in those chairs and had a view
gotta think about this one.....

can't wait for the puppy to be
~fool proof~
so I can put my good rugs back down

also decorated the side entry where
99.9% of all guest enter

my mom gave me this cool
wire basket
so I filled er up

we are going to have some rain this weekend
but it won't put a damper on our

linking up to Liz's beautiful blog
for her Autumn party
go check it out she has moved to our &
~neck of the woods~
and in just a few months time
has creating a stunning home
thanks for hosting this fun party
and making me get er done!

my other southern friend
Savvy Southern Style
Wow us Wednesdays
fabulous party
with hundreds of
fantastic party goers!


  1. How beautiful! Kathy I totally love the furniture arrangement too...very nice. Enjoy the parties!

  2. I really like your sitting are the way you have arranged it now. I also decorate my side entrance more, because that is what is used more. Yours is beautiful. I love the wire basket on the straw bale, do you know what it was used for? Beautiful!!

  3. Kathy!!! Omg!!! Everything is just gorgeous!! I love everything! Your flowers are so pretty , too!

  4. Friend, you better join my partay!! I love your new arrangement and that basket outside with all the mums in it is cool.

  5. You've been having way too much fun! I like the new arrangement, especially the new/old settee against the window. Have a great weekend with your parties!

  6. You have been busy. And the "new" couch looks fabulous in its new location.

  7. Everything looks great! Wish I could come to the parties.

  8. You are such a good decorator, I love it all Kathy, and your mantle looks wonderful! XO ~Liz

  9. Can I go "trick or treating" at your house???? :-) I love your place! It's always looking fantastic! Your mantel feels warm and welcoming. Bravo!!!

    Have a Blessed Week!


    Luciane at