Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm getting a little more ~frenchie~ these days


 my dumpster diving project is

remember this old settee that was headed to the

I loved those cute little legs
the neighbors gave it to me...
this is what she looked like


what a difference

it got painted black to go with the piano

i sanded it down
but ran out of time to paint
*actually didn't trust my ability*
remember i got a C- in art

it was so exciting when she pulled up..

this local gal is
i love giving business to
talented local women
i wish i was one of them

my first look at it
really i did

don't know quite yet where it will go
or what pillows I will get for it

but i like looking at it...
so for now it sits facing the
where i can keep a close eye on her

I am hooking up to
ok so I didn't diy
but I did pick out the fabric...
how did I do????

ps my blogger isn't letting me comment
anyone else having this problem
so to all my fav's
you know who you are
i'm here just silent boo hoo


  1. Oh Kathy, I LOVE it. You were so smart to nab it - not only is it beautiful, but it has its own great story! The fabric is perfect!

  2. Oh my!! I love it!! I have an old sofa that reminds me of yours... I was going to sell it but now your wonderful creation here makes me wonder... should I or shouldn't I??
    Ladybug Creek

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! Love the fabric. I have a sofa that needs some slipcover job..I was gonna wait up till November end, but this is too much prodding :)

  4. O my gosh! I am in LOVE!!!! It looks fabulous. We are talking about buying new couches when my husband returns from his deployment.
    Wish I could run into something like this!

  5. It turned out gorgeous Kathy! Really you made it into a classic piece that can stay in the family for years to come.

  6. Kathy, I love it. Nice pillows, too. You will find the perfect spot for it.

  7. Your neigbors will be so jealous. Ohh, can't wait to see lot's of red Christmas pillows on her. Love the paint and fabric.

  8. WOW Kathy, GORGEOUS!!! I can see why you want to keep a close eye on it, I would to! Love the pillows! Martina

  9. Absolutely beautiful Kathy!! Lucky you for getting such a wonderful piece and smart you for seeing it's potential.

    I found you on Wow me Wed and I'm so glad I did. I'm your new follower. Hope you'll stop by and visit me sometime.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  10. Kath, looks great! Hard to believe it's the same piece. Okay, so now I have to rib you, "you couldn't paint that yourself? lol, sorry, that just cracked me up! Did you even try to paint it? I think you don't give your self enough credit!! You could have done it!!!! I have faith in you!!!

  11. What a treasure you've created. It looks so wonderful and I love the floral pillow you have on it. I'd probably also be tempted to throw on some red and yellow. You'll be able to use such a variety of throw pillows. Let the collecting begin!

  12. You're GREAT!!!! Excellent idea, excellent color! Loved the location too. You can be cooking and guests can be there, chatting w/ you.

    Nice job!!!

    Have a great weekend, my friend.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  13. WOW, what a transformation, and your pillows are way too cute! Enjoy...XO ~Liz

  14. Perfect changing... looks so gorgeous the check you choose is great... very decent and sober looking
    Visit me if you can

  15. Everything is so pretty, Kathy. I love your refurbished baby. I love that big wire basket on the table behind your couch too! Where did you find it? Take care.

  16. It does look so similar to my settee I just found! I loooove yours...the size is wonderful, and I adore the way you had it re-upholstered. The legs and arms are just the same style....my settee is like the little sister to yours =)

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  18. Kathy how did I ever miss this over at Kim's!!?? LOVE It lady!! I just brought home a beauty and have no idea where it is going and actually thought maybe I would resell it but after seeing yours it is staying put here with me even if it takes years to save up to have her redone! Love the fabs you chose and where you ended up placing her!! Thanx for stopping by earlier!

  19. I LOVE this!! Love it painted black and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that fabric! I am a gingham FREAK!! It looks FABULOUS!!

    Lou Cinda

  20. This turned out beautiful !!! :) Your newest follower, Francine

  21. Gorgeous makeover! That old gal couldn't be more beautiful if you'd sent her straight to Elizabeth Arden! Love the fabric you chose, too.

    So pretty!

  22. Absolutely fabulous! I love the refined but not stuffy fabric. The upholstery is well done too. Kudos!

  23. This is one AMAZING transformation!!!!
    Love the before and after!
    Looks terrific.
    Thanks for sharing this with me!