Friday, September 30, 2011

A New Florida Home

Oh my goodness is florida
~ awesome~
a little hot and sticky right now but who cares
when you get to
jump into this

dad wanted me to come down and check out
his new digs
and well help him with
~designing and decorating~

do I have to?

I am really picking up on the
so I think i might be able to squeeze this into
my winter schedule

I am pinching myself
this is a big project and we have worked so
hard all week getting things lined up
for a big job ahead
~heaven for me~

a lot of stuff doesn't work

but that's fine with me
I love discovering
everything about it

but this is why he bought this place
he loves boats and there is 
three slips
deep water

and he's in the coolest little harbor

ok so maybe it's a bit hot
but I'm gonna suffer through it

I can't wait to tell you all about it
I'm so excited
I'll be home next week

love you
thanks for bringing me along on this


  1. WOW Kathy, your dad has one BEAUTIFUL home!! Can't wait to see what you come up with! Take lots of pics! Martina

  2. I love Florida too. Years ago we spent winter holidays with a friend who had a house in a little place called Jupiter Island. Her property faced the beach and the inland waterway. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven - just about the way the look on your dad's face says he feels! What a good time you two must have had!

  3. HOLY Toledo, OHIO! How amazing and blessed your Dad is. GOOD for him, he looks like he is enjoying life to the fullest. Just gorgeous! Enjoy, miss ya too btw:)

  4. I see lots of great times around that little table in the pool. That puts you on both coasts, correct? Long trip but so worth it! Have fun, Lori

  5. Aye carumba Kathy!!! Will your dad adopt me please? Wowsers, what a place!!!

  6. I sure hope I get to go with you on your next trip back there!! The fun we could have!

  7. Holy that's a house!
    A M A Z I N G!! I'm so excited for your dad, he is enjoying and living life.

    All I have to say is...BLOG PARTY AT KATHY'S DAD'S HOUSE. HA!! ;) I love the grand entry, absolutely stunning.

    I can't wait to see what you do, I know you will work your elegance and charm. Take lots of pics. Have fun! XO ~Liz

  8. how beautiful! and how lovely to be right on the water!

  9. Wow! That is one 'big' beauty! You've got a challenge ahead of you girl. I know that you'te up to it though. Love the come in and holler sign. Best of luck. Can't wait to see what you do. Never been to Florida. Other than Disneyworld. On my bucket list.

    You're going to have so much fun decorating!

  11. How fun!!! Kathy, I wish I was there with you!!! I can just imagine how great tis place will look after you work your "magic"! The house is huge and I'm drooling over the location and its views! You father knows how to enjoy life!!! :-)

    Wishing you a very blessed week, my friend.


    Luciane a