Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Trey

Today is my Nephew Trey's (Ernest Antone Reinhard lll) birthday.  He is at the Seahawks game in box seats watching what he likes best.....sports.

 Anything sports has always been Trey's thing.  He is a fantastic baseball player with too many MVP's to count.  He is great at soccer &  swimming as well.  Over the 13 years that Trey has been around so has Aunt Kathy at his games and meets.

Sometimes I have been a little miffed at all the practices and games as it takes away "Aunt Kathy" time.  When I have stayed with him when the parents are gone, it is all about mananging time to go between the boys games/practices....once we cut a swim practice to go to a movie and boy did I hear about that!

However I must admit that these things are very important and build a young man's character (the schedule not the movies) .  His parents are the most devoted parents I have been able to be around and very proud of them for making their sons great people with ambition, drive and goals.  Trey will be a great athlete some day you all mark my words...I'm betting on baseball.....the next Ken Griffey know his son is a 3rd as well and has the nickname Trey.  This is not a coincedence!

Happy 13th Birthday Buddy, your Aunt admires and loves you to the end of the earth!

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  1. Happy Birthday Trey!!

    Thanks for your comment today :)