Friday, April 9, 2010

The Desert girls know how to Party!

A party, a Lemon Drop Martini party with Sarda Jewelry as  an appetizer.
Clean up this morning, one can tell there was too much fun last night!

Look at all these beautiful ladies!

We have been busy the entire 2 months we've been in our new home so before we head home it is time to see our friends that have been sorrily neglected.
A jewelry party by Susan Rich & lemon drops can make any party

My Palm Valley Girls

My Harley Girls

My Palm Desert Tennis Club Girls

My Mom's cousin Suzanne & her high school friend Bette

Suzanne with my high school friend Jillie

More girls

Sharon ALWAYS has her eyes closed in pictures but I got a couple tonight with them open!

Cute picture of Terri

Even with her eyes closed Jo can't take a bad picture!

Thank you Susan for bringing your beautiful jewelry and sharing with my friends
I love my Sarda and you!

I almsot forgot to mention who got the most attention.....

The Spanky Man, he LOVES the girls


  1. So much fun Kathy!~ You ladies are all so beautiful, and the party looked like a hit!

  2. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I'm sure the dog enjoyed the guests.