Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Sweet Savannah's giveaway


Would you like to have this?

Better run over to Melaine's site she is having a huge giveaway that you won't want to miss.  I always make a point of going to her site everyday as she has always got something new she is making or baking.  Impeccable taste in everything.  She has a site on Etsy for selling her creations and also does online design. I feel she is Western Washington's Martha Stewart, but much sweeter, I know this, I have met her.....

 I met her up at her open house at Christmas time (left) and what a lovely place she has, and the professionals have come calling ....she is even in the magazine At Home Classic Cottage this month.

 I felt like a stalker when going up to her home, but I wasn't alone all the others on the way up the driveway were saying the same thing.  I bought some martini glasses from her and sure could use them tomorrow for my lemon drop martini & Susan's jewelry party tomorrow, but they are up in Gig Harbor.
This is the stuff I got from her plus my little menu holder has her sundried tomato fritata recipe....ok I am acting like a stalker now!

Better go get those martini's ready there are going to be around 20 girls here tomorrow night!

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  1. Oh but you are a good stalker Kathy! Melanie does seem sweet...I stalk her site too:)Those Martinis sound great