Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Fair

This time every year..
just as the kids go back to school we have the
Western Washington Fair
can anyone from out of state pronounce
(Pew all up)
tricky huh, we have all sorts of Indian names that
drive people crazy trying to figure them out
Sometimes we see a show and that dictates the day we go
Sometimes we wait for a good day
~no rain~
But we always go

When I was young it was
that always made sure we went
then when I had kids he made sure he took them
every year without fail
my kids still remember grandpa and
~The Fair~

Now it's the
who has to go...
even if it is just for a few hours to reminisce about our childhood
how we got out of school one day each year for
~The Fair~

So we make our way through traffic to go....
Do the Puyallup

We don't need this yet
we still walk
but someday this will be the only way
we can go

I love in order;
Everybody in Western Washington
knows what a scone is and it has to be

 and they just don't taste the same when you make them at home
even with the mix they sell

We get dozens and take them to the relatives that couldn't
make it out
This year Hubs sisters got a dozen
my Mom only wanted 1/2 dozen...

They have a hard time keeping up with the demand
sometimes the line is 50 people long
but we all wait patiently

Of course there is other food ...

 We split a meal,
 after a few scones we didn't think we could even eat this but we had to try
$25 for this...yikes
 see the smoke from this BBQ pit
I love that smell


How can you even pick a favorite?
This was the big winner

 Someday I would love to be one of these ladies

 I would have taken this flag one home if I could have

 I LOVED these two

When I was a kid I took my horse to the fair
so I still like to go see the animals
depending on what shoes I'm wearing...

~The Livestock~ 

 Ok... this is way too cute

We don't do this anymore

 We definitely don't do this

We find we do more of this...
people watching while sitting

It was a great day
Have you had your fair yet?


  1. This fair post was a vacation for me!! I loved it!

  2. Our state fair just started in Dallas. It is just too big and downtown. Hard to get to. We skip it and go to smaller ones.

  3. How cool!! I love all of the quilts Kathy, too beautiful! I haven't been to a fair in ages, I was a 10 year member of 4-H, so I always had projects at the fair, good times those were. We had our fair in summer, but didn't go, can't remember what we were doing that week, but I remember we were tied up??? Great pics, thanks for sharing:)

  4. Fun pics Kate!! We were going the first day but Zoey came down with a cold so we couldn't go. Fairs are much more fun with little ones!!

  5. I love State fairs. What wonderful quilts. Gosh I missed two posts...GEEZ...I am turning into a very bad friend!