Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's the little things...thanks Cheryl and Beatrice

Accessories are probably the most important.  I have been able to find some great "stuffers" at TJMaxx, Ross, Michaels.  However there has to be a great POP and I found that at Art in Nature by Beatrice.

She is the best and comes up with the most unique arrangements I've ever seen. I wanted this for my coffee table because it was low and soooo pretty, however the candles (which are beautiful) are way too powerful and  spicy for me, just too strong, so it is now above the TV and I hope it gets it's due appreciation way up there.

I found the coffee table at the clearance part of the furniture store, it had a chip in the glass and the TV box at TJ Maxx is my favorite, well except Matthews picture frame $4.99 Ross!

My $50 lamp table, well I had to go get the glass put in and that was $40, but the original price was $389 so I'm ahead on this one!
I love my big pillows
While at Beatrices I bought some silks for a $10 Ross vase and look what Cheryl made with them, she is incredible and boy I could have used and abused her more, but she left...did I run her off?


  1. I love your accessories but lets get some color on those walls! Your house is beautiful by the way. I love the picture of you fixing the flowers and the man (your husband?) looking so disinterested in the background. Funny!