Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Check out these Cookies!

Ok I have to brag a little....
ok..a lot, my
is a baker
she is German like me
and we would rather 
  than cook
I still remember my Grandma's pies
Mom is the one who makes all the pies now..

Well my son married well
and he is
reaping the benefits of a German Wife

Is the crazy name
that Melanie came up with for her new baking blog..
it is a actual cookie from one of her favorite books 
Check these out!

This is what she gave me
on Saturday
and wait a few days to hear about what I did with them..

These  birds are so darn cute

This is another gift from her...
These are of my little
~Matthew Man~
I am preserving these...
too pretty to eat

For Charlie Bears birthday

She is now taking orders!
Check out her site you will

 For Aunt Becky's birthday

Better hurry if you want them by Easter

I couldn't be more proud!


Hooking up to
Wow us Wednesdays
At Kims
 Savvy Southern Style


  1. Wow, those are amazing!!! When I saw them on my blogroll I thought it was just a picture, not an actual cookie! I will go and check out her blog:)

    Note to self: Make at least one son marry a German woman who can bake!!!

  2. SERIOUSLY!!!~? Those look outstanding, and yes a certainly big WOW! Oh I bet they taste as good as they look!~ My husband is German and his grandparents, well gram was an excellent cook and baker. Nice job to Melanie!

  3. Melanie's cookies are seriously AMAZING!! I ordered some for a friend at work and everybody went crazy when I walked in the door with a Killer Zebras box! Plus the family LOVED them! She even personalized the cookies to make them a really unique Thank You gift:) That girl never ceases to amaze me!

  4. They are just beautiful - what a talent!

  5. YUMMY! Those are gorgeous cookies Kathy and I love iced sugar cookies, as my rump will attest to!

  6. And I must say they are delicious and beautiful. I thought you made them. They are soooo good. I needed a snack while Leila is napping. Thanks so so much for sending me these cookies. You really shouldn't have. Thanks for joining the partay,too!


  7. I am in awe of these cookies, no kidding!!! I would love to be able to use such delicate precision when it comes to cookies! Anyone would be so blessed to receive even one of these little beauties! Thank you for showing off your daughter-in-laws talent!!
    ~Leslie :)

  8. Awesome! Just found you via Kim's blog. I'll have to go check out your d-i-l's blog too!
    Such pretty cookies!

  9. Duh! It just dawned on me who you are Kathy! Sorry about that. Guess I missed this post. Glad I found it.

  10. The Curious George cookies are the best.