Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New stuff

I got a package the other day in the mail from a very special blogger friend
I have been such a fan of her chicken wire concoctions

Look at her newest piece
I am Wowed!!
I am in awe...wish I would have ordered that too...
Every time I see something at the stores done in chicken wire
I get so excited for her, this idea is really taking off in the design world

Well I told her I would buy a cork holder if she had one and

Isn't is just perfect?

I also ordered these cute little guys...
for now they are hanging around my vases

and a soap dispenser

which is going over to our Montana farmhouse...
I know once I get to the farm I will have to go back
and get more....
I just love this stuff and
...she is so sweet
as I'm sure most of you know
but if you don't....
you have to check out her adorable blog
it's awesome
I am linking to
Wow us Wednesdays


  1. I heart Erin's chicken wire. Like you every time I see something I tell her about it, she can make anything. Enjoy Kathy!

  2. Awwww, thank you Kathy!! I love how your corks look in the "bowl", and I am so glad you love my know you are a driving force behind me and I am thankful that I met you!(Thanks Debbie!)

  3. Cute stuff and that will be perfect in your farm house. Thanks for joining my partay!