Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I need your help with a light fixture

I have a dilemma.....
This was last spring when we first moved in...
The dining room is right at the entry

I got some new chandys and the Hubs started painting

Such a pretty little room

~The new entry chandy~
It was so close to the dining room chandy
that I was worried they would clash
but it worked out ok...
it didn't bother me

Then this year the Hubs friend thought we should make the dining room
The Hubs den....what????? 
The Hubs was all over that
and they moved the dining room table to the
kitchen/family room where there was a big open space needing a table
They moved the chandy too..

My head was spinning as this is usually my area..
moving things to where I wanted them
But I had to agree we never used the table way out there
it was pretty there, but never used it...
we just sat at the bar for meals or worse
ate at the TV....
so reluctantly I went along with this...
Guess What!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They were right
now we use this table every single day

Eight chairs fit around the table
but the other four are now at the
bar so it's easier to get in and out

So did I go for that old dining room
being used as the Hubs new Den
with computer wires being the first thing you see
when entering our home?
Not a chance....
look at the old dining room now
a reading room
What do you think better than computer wires?

I still have to fix the accessories but what I really need is help
with a light fixture to replace that chandy....
with this big entry way chandy so close
and the other one visible
Would it be best to have a flush mount?

I found this at bellacor
I just think another hanging chandy might be
~too much~
What do you think?
Does it go with the other 2????
Oh and The Hubs Den...
stay tuned for that upcoming post!


  1. Kathy, how high is the ceiling in that front room?

  2. I sure do like the light, but flush mounts are for lower ceilings....Love that couch, in the new Den, it looks so cozy!

  3. Your light fixtures are gorgeous! I think they work great together. What a clever idea to make the dining room into a reading room. I think the flush mount works well with the other two but my concern would be is there enough light? With the one lamp and the flush mount it may not be enough light for reading in the evening. Just a thought! But I love the new comfy, cozy room!

  4. I love the light you picked out, and I would say go for it! Reason being that if you can see all light fixtures simultaneously, I too wouldn't want it to overwhelm the eye. I can't see you making a bad decision either way though. Also, Happy Birthday to your mom, and to Mattie, and looks like you've been having lots of fun!!