Saturday, November 19, 2011

Matthew turns 3

Our little 
~Matthew Man~
 turned 3 today
can't believe how fast that went

I have been browsing through the Hubs
computer looking at his pictures

this is Matthew's  first christmas

He has been Opa's boy since day one
see how he is looking at him

he is such a happy little man

His first birthday party
I love what Melanie did by taking a picture each month and blowing it up

Here is where he was  celebrating last night at 
Red Robin 

All pictures from the Hubs computer
except this last one from my i-phone
as my computer  is in the shop....
keep your fingers crossed for me
I barely know what to do with computers so if I loose my computer
well it won't be pretty
my life is all my pictures
now they are backed up as of a couple of months ago
thank you sweet nephew
but I'm on pins and needles
 I don't these headaches before the holidays


  1. That is so special to have a special Opa....Happy birthday little guy!

  2. Your Matthew is a sweetheart, for sure! I love the way he looks at his Opa. Our Connor will be three in December and he is his Bedstefar's biggest fan! Don't you just love this age? I am so sad that my grandchildren won't be here for Christmas - but I have the most enormous Christmas Box being filled for them. I found PJ's today - cute as can be.
    Good luck with the computer!