Sunday, November 13, 2011

Guess who's coming home for Christmas...

my little princess was a
for halloween
this year

her brother was the frog 

his little outfit is so darn cute

they are on my mind today
cause we just made reservations
for them to come home for

this will be the first time in over a year
that all my little
grands will be together

the little monster
is is going to be so excited to see his
~cousins again~
and who knows maybe our little
 ~bun in the oven~
will make his appearance
on his christmas due date
i am so excited it was hard to sleep
the last few nights
this oma is


  1. Kathy, your grands are the cutest things. I know you can't wait. Mine will all be here at Christmas, too. I can't wait for Leila to play with her Nashville cousins now that she is walking.

  2. That little ultra-sound portrait is just too, too sweet. You are so very lucky to look forward to having everyone home for Christmas. We'll have to wait for the wedding in May to see the whole family together. These reunions are hard to organise, so I'd say it's a good time to get a photographer in for a family portrait.

  3. Kathy I'm sure you are overjoyed!! Nothing is better then having the whole family home for Christmas! Your grands are the cutest! Martina

    PS- LOVE your blogs new look:)

  4. Oh my! Are they the all-time cutest, can't imagine why you'd be so excited! Ha! I'm sure your holidays will be magical sharing it with them!

  5. oh my!!! She is just a doll! There all precious though!

  6. What a reunion this will be! Those grands have the sweetest faces. I am lucky and all 8 of mine are close. Good luck with the arrival of the new little one. My first was born on Christmas morning. Best gift ever!

  7. Kathy, how exciting! Your grandchildren are *beautiful*....what a fun Christmas it will be. The ultrasound picture is so sweet. Congrats!

    Kathy, on another note, guess what....HOBBY LOBBY is in WA now. One just opened at the end of October out here in Lynwood.
    Here is the info.
    19310 60th Ave. West
    Lynnwood, WA 98036
    (425) 673-6471

    And, even better news, another one is due to open in Everett soon. Now we have a few choices. I've been going every week...they have FABULOUS things for xmas.

    I have yet to get over to that store you mentioned, but hopefully soon.

    Have a great day!! Keep warm, I hear some snow is on the way. ;) ....maybe a few flurries here and there would be just fine with me! =)

  8. Hello Kathy!

    Wow, this post put a smile on my face. How wonderful are these children! I feel so happy to see how blessed you are with them and now, you're going to have yet another one! God bless your family, my friend.

    I need to thank you so much for ALL the support you give to me. Your words are always treasured by me. They really are. And, yes, I'm so ready for Matthew's arrival. I feel so much pressure and pain everywhere. He's already engaged and I'm already having some painful contractions. The time is coming soon! :-)

    Have a blessed weekend!


    Luciane at

  9. You have the cutest grandkids! They all have such gorgeous big eyes. Great pictures! I love little princesses:)

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