Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Week

it's been good to spend time with 
(easter sunday )

who is still here until thursday when we are 
releasing her from 
her words
she is so excited to go home..
it's been a bit of a long recovery for her
being someone used to doing
everything herself

she's been good company while I've been
getting ready for the holidays
tomorrow we are baking pies
she's famous in our family for her pies
germans are good bakers
i need to pay attention
i struggle with pie-crusts

we are all going to my brothers house for
then dropping her off at her home
happy she is well enough to go home
sad she doesn't live closer so i can pop in to 
check on her more often
I have lots to be thankful for this 
how about you?


  1. What a pretty picture of the two of you. I can imagine how much you'll miss your mother, especially after having had her company for a good length of time. That's the trouble with our huge countries - we are just too darn far from our loved ones!

  2. Great to be able to spend time with your Mom. I asked my Mom when she was going to come live in Texas. (She is in Louisiana) She said I guess when I get sick? Wow, I will enjoy having her here then! Funny my friend is keeping her Mom at her house now ( recovering too) She mentioned she felt like she was in prison too. Have they "been" to prison, how would you know what it feels like? LOL Happy Thanks.

  3. I hope your mom is doing well now.

    Sending love!