Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ice storm cometh

Did we ever get hit with an ice storm

but since we were home the hubs
went out and got the snow off
 our plants and trees
most were saved
some people were not so fortunate
my brother lost most of his
ornamental maples

the snow was pretty until the ice came

while outside the hubs heard
breaking branches

he took the snow off all the branches he could reach


we lost power for a couple of days
which meant no water for us
as we are on a well
sure makes us appreciate the good things in life
and how fortunate we are..

but we need to warm up
so we were thinking
let's bug outa here
go here

the patio chairs i got my dad for christmas
are waiting
my dad is so excited!!
don't know when we'll back home yet
probably after our old bones
warm up!

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  1. Wow, that was a lot of snow and ice. How nice to get away to where it is warm. Enjoy.

  2. Hello!

    Beautiful pictures!

    I love the chairs you purchased for your dad and wondered if you would mind sharing where you purchased them?

    Thank You!~Dona

  3. Sorry to hear about the ice! Snow is pretty when you are inside looking out. Not so pretty while you are shoveling it. I feel your "no water" pain. When we were first married we rented a small house in the country. Everytime the electricity went out, I thought our pipes were frozen and somehow thawed when the power came on. It was explained to the city slicker that the PUMP on the well is electric. I did learn a nifty hint after I moved to town. If you can - save up some jars as you empty them and process them with WATER. Keeps the jars clean and sterile and can provide sterile drinking water when the well runs dry. Now they tell me!

  4. Dona we found them on close out at Home Depot in St Pete, Florida

  5. That was a terrible storm - we watched it on the news and I thought of you. Wow - I like your way of getting warm! That's what I'd like to be doing right now!

  6. Beautiful beautiful pics! And the Pin it button is great too! LOL!

  7. Wow-what awesome photos of the snow. I'm in the snow deprived area of So. Cal.

  8. That was some serious snow. We lived in the Northwest many, many years ago and never got more than cold rain. No wonder you escaped to Florida. We escaped to AZ almost 30 years ago, and love it!

  9. thanks for sharing.