Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A marriage made in heaven... ok, well an upholstery shop

~ mr frenchie~
here is the tale of how he found love
~miss frenchie~

a pair of swivel chairs
that the hubs
 were here before
~miss frenchie~
came to live with us

remember how i saved little miss frenchie
from the dump

we moved her to the windows..
tried a table in the corner...
 working for me
or the hubs
he loved sitting there in that corner
i got this rug from home depot
just to have something for the settee to sit on
it is perfect, as it is cheap and the puppy is still.. well in
but with a cute mug like that
it's worth a few new rugs
sorry back to the
~love story~
the chairs went to the other side of the room
to create a conversation area

it worked, the hubs now joins me in the
living room to watch tv
"have favorite chair"
~will travel~
he will go anywhere to sit in his favorite chair
those swivel rockers
 are the best for rocking babies to sleep
and he is so good at that
the tree was here for the holidays

and that miss frenchie gots lots of use
Christmas morning

when i took it down
there was a big gaping hole waiting for the perfect
~reading chair~
this wasn't it
back upstairs please...
i started thinking wing back...
but could i find the perfect fabric
that would look good with 
~miss frenchie~

i had the curtain fabric to consider as well
i looked and looked...
i went to the design studio
and found a fabric to die for

it was perfect in every way except the price
over $100 a yard!!!!
well i needed 6 yards to cover up this old
$50 wingback chair i found on

enter my uber talented local upholster

she beefed up this
 ~bad boy~
he sat in her studio until i could find the perfect

i was browsing in
hancock fabric one day...
hoping this would work
cause i just loved it.....
i bought a yard to bring home
my mind was swirling....
french settee
french writing

 i think this will work with
miss frenchie
i couldn't wait to see them together
this would surely make a
~handsome couple~
now i think this will be
reading chair
can you see the beautiful sunset
from this chair
julie put so much perfection
into her work

painting his legs the same color
as hers

and that expensive fabric i liked so well...
turns out julie had that same sample book
and had a project for some of it
we split a yard
and this is what i got
2 of these
i have had this striped fabric for ages
and the expensive fabric was just what it needed
to take it to a new level

so another look at the happy couple

i have a feeling an
is in the works
can you think
~foot rest~

we have had some awesome

but today i am sitting in my
new corner looking at snow...
expecting at least a foot tonight

so i will be sitting here...
watching it come down
with a  cup of hot cocoa

did you like this love story?
I'm joining
Miss Kim's


  1. Love the fabric you chose. What I like more is the view of the mountain out your window. Wow.

  2. Kathy what a great combo!! LOVE that fabric on your new chair!

  3. Kathy you've got a lovely family! And your house is great! I've sent you an email for the Pin it button. Just let me know if it worked.
    Love, Olga
    P.S.: if you have any other question on blogging I'd be happy to help you out from what I've learnt so far.

  4. Hi Kathy! Oh, what a lovely room filled with a lovely family and those cute little fuzzy faces! :)
    Oh, your reupholstered chair looks so beautiful and the settee is gorgeous. What a lovely view outside your windows too.
    Thanks for following me and I'm following you!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. OMG!!! The views at your home are just breath taking! Of course, your chair is beautiful too!

  6. Now that's my kind of love story! I have four (yes 4!!) wing chairs to be re-upholstered. A gal can go a little crazy when there's a wedding coming up!

  7. Im insanely jealous! They are both such beautiful pieces.........Bonnie

  8. OMG!!!! I don't know what to say!!! First, Miles is soooo adorable! I love him w/ grandpa! :-) Also, what about that view???? That picture is simply out-of -this world! And finally, your chair!!! Oh, I'm so inspired by it! I love, love, love the fabric! You're so good, seriously!

    Have a great day!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

    PS: Did Claire contacted you? By the way, I have another giveaway today.... are you trying your luck again? :-)

  9. I just purchased a pillow at Home Goods that is the same fabric as on your chair. I love it. Wow, Julie did do a fantastic job on these and they will look great for years to come.

  10. Oh wow I love your chair!!! Gorgeous fabric.

    Thanks for visiting me today & leaving a comment. xox

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