Thursday, January 19, 2012

Coastal Living named Gig Harbor #1 Harbor

Whoo Hoo
We're number #1 harbor 
so says
so what does this mean...
more tourism..
increase in home values..

hopefully both as our little community has some
wonderful shopping and restaurants
and we absolutely love living here
and want the very best for our little

I subscribe to coastal living
and love it
do you?

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  1. Wow that is wonderful! Now living in South Carolina, I have received a subsription to Coastal Living...Can't wait!

  2. That is awesome Kathy, from the looks of it, it should be in that magazine!

  3. I don't subscribe, but I buy it at the grocery store and love it. I haven't seen this yet - must get it. I am quite determined to visit Gig Harbour - I have a cousin there who has visited here a few times, but I never get down that way to see his place. We also had military friends who did an exchange posting and lived in Gig Harbour - it's what persuaded them to retire on the Island up here - fell in love with the northwest!
    Congrats to your community!