Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Years Eve Grandson

have I got something to share this week
at Kim's Party

i need to  brag about our new family addition
~Miles Aaron~

i got a text at 6 a.m. saturday morning
the last day of the year
it was a beautiful morning as i causally pulled out of the driveway
thinking i had lots of time...
~boy was i wrong~

my son wanted a tax deduction this year
and he got it

~miles aaron~
9lbs 8oz 21 3/4"
8:11 a.m.
new years eve

her water broke at 4:00 a.m.
it took her all of four hours
~now that is something to celebrate~

i love this picture
he is so proud of her

the kids have been here since so
oma & opa
could help out
sometimes it took all four of us

how can they possibly do this on their own..
i have no idea
he is such a good baby
and all that yellow hair...

and his brother loves him so much

matthew & miles
have a such a good ring to it
poor mom struggled with an infection
and really scared us there for a few days
so oma was able to get lots of snuggle time in

the kids were all well fed and rested
while here
we were all pretty tired most of the time

even great grandpa came for a visit

it is hard sending them off into the real world
my son off to work today
my dil to care for these boys
all day long by herself
in their own home
now that's a hard job

my job is taking down the rest of

i thought i could manage that
while they were here
but that didn't happen

i will be busy the next few days
hoping i can get through it...
~the missing of the kids part~

i really struggle with...
wanting my quiet house back to normal

 wanting the kids to never leave


  1. He is just a bundle of joy! What cute grandchildren you have and such a lovely family! You must be thrilled how your family is growing. That was the best New years ever!

  2. Kathy he is precious! What a beautiful family you have. Congrats!!

  3. Kathy, he is so big and cute! I know you loved having them there. Congratulations! Now, get that Christmas stuff down.

  4. I'm crying! I had a baby on new Years eve thirteen years ago! Congratulations to you and what looks to be a super happy family! What a sweetie <3

  5. I am wowed! How precious and what a wonderful gift for the holidays. Such a sweet family. I can just smell that new baby smell! Congratulations!

  6. WAHOO! I love all the pictures of Miles. I've not seen much of him since he's been born.

  7. Kathy, what an adorable little guy, precious family, too! Congrats! xo ~Liz

  8. Awwww, what a great way to ring in the new year. Congratulations!

  9. How precious! May God bless Miles and your whole family! He's so cute, so big!!! I'm incredibly happy for you.

    I need to congratulate you TWICE! For your beautiful grandson and also for.... well, go take a look on my blog!!! I hope you like surprises! ;-)


    Luciane at

  10. Oh my goodness! He is just precious! He has the prettiest round head!!! I bet he smells so good, too! Happy New Year Baby!!!

  11. Precious~ Your family is so blessed, Kathy!