Saturday, September 10, 2011

It is early and I am stealing a few precious moments away from
~packing up~
to remember  some good moments of our
short stay at our summer getaway

I haven't had much time to blog or
read my favorite blogs
I've been too busy enjoying....

morning coffee on the porch

fires are part of our Montana summers
they provide some spectacular sunrise pictures though
this one the neighbor got
these are mine
can you believe this is morning...

this is looking northeast
Glacier Nat'l Park
friends visiting
to take home their
~well his~
new toy
which was almost lost during the burglary

kids frolicking in the yard

and on the lake

nieces to be loved
projects completed
the roof and the saying on the birdhouse were getting worn
Brother Bill fixed the roofs and repainted it

new finds
for this sunflower sign
at a local artists studio
~Elizabeth Ann~

now I'm *digging* my  front porch
 maybe I'll look for a wooden screen door
~next year~

another of
Brother Bill's

the end of the garage needed a little
~sometin, sometin~

summer cleaning...

I really, really, really
want a cupola
over that stove pipe

either one of these would work....

but with a rooster
~of course~

via a cute little antique store in Sumner
that I need to check and make sure they
~still have~
hey, a girl can dream right?

I will miss our little farmhouse
and our family..

SIL Linda
had a birthday while we were here
I made red velvet cupcakes

she needed a little something fall for her
I love this expression
on her face

and it smells so darn good

The Hubs wanted to have his surgery over here
and it was a good idea to be with his brother
so he could help me stress the importance of
~taking it easy~
 the bandages are off
the stitches are glue..
sorry was that too gross?

Thanks Brother Bill & Linda
for everything you guys do to make our stay
over here so perfect

I am looking forward to going home though
I leave Wednesday for D.C.
to see the
 she looks so grown up here

and he is getting to be such a big boy
It's been too long...
she's got the coffee on..
~Oma's coming~


  1. I tell you that place of yours takes my breath away kathy! You must be somewhat sad when you leave. Looks awesome. Enjoy! Great photos too.

  2. Kathy those are some gorgeous photos!! And your grandkids are little cuties, love the last pic of your granddaughter holding a coffee! Martina

  3. No wonder you love the farm so much - that sunrise is unbelievable beautiful! Safe trip home!

  4. I still cannot get over the color of that water. Y'all did have a short stay this year. His knee looks yucky! That is a long incision. I know you can't wait to hug those grands!

  5. That water is breathtaking! Amazing! When are you inviting me over? :-) This place is good for your soul. So beautiful!

    Have a blessed week, my dear friend!


    Luciane at

  6. I'm both jealous and happy of and for you! The lake looks inviting, your grand kids look like two little angels, and the lake side home? It just took my breath away!

    Yearning to be at a place like that when I retire from the city lights!

  7. thanks for sharing.. god bless you loves from holland ... soraya

  8. Kathy you are so blessed to have a wonderful place like that, it's truly magical! The water is breathtaking. Enjoy your visit in DC, your grandchildren are so cute!! XO ~Liz