Saturday, September 17, 2011

A D.C. Spa with a twist

I got here late Wednesday night
she tried to stay awake
~the little precious~

Daughter took the day off.. 
the babies went to daycare 

~my first hug in the morning~

we partied...
partied for us was
a spa 
with a twist
have you heard of this pedicure with 
fish eating off the dead skin off....
 your feet

Daughter got a groupon awhile back for it
I guess it was on
 ~The View~ 

It tickled for the first few minutes
and I laughed so hard
 but I have to admit it was seriously 
a fantastic treatment
you'll have to try it to see what i mean

we have identical feet
my daughter and I

The kids left this morning for a week to 

Oma is babysitting
I am so glad to give them a well deserved break
~a second honeymoon~

a small detail...

the daycare lady called us Thursday
while the fish were eating our feet.....
her son just broke out with
~chicken pox~
my Daughter and Hubby freaked out..
I told them 
~don't worry~ 
I've been through that before
wish me luck!!!


  1. OK I have never heard of that crazy pedi! That would freak me out to be honest. Poor kid with the chicken pox! I had them a few years back, I never did get them as a kid. Better now than later trust me!

  2. awww sweet photos with the kiddos! I've heard of that fish treatment but never had it. I bet it would tickle LOL
    ahhh good luck with the pox, poor little guy.

  3. So if your lucky, they wont break out until your about to leave!! I have to ask, do they change the water each time someone new puts their feet in? Not too sure if I'd be up for that!!

  4. Kathy I've heard of that type of pedi but never tried it. What a great Oma you are and what a great place to go for a second honeymoon!! We went to Hawaii for 3wks on our honeymoon 14 yrs ago and LOVED it! Enjoy your time with your grandchildren,I'm sure there's going to be a lot of spoiling going on! Martina

  5. OMG, that had to tickle. I have never had that done before. I need to find a place here that does that. Oh, I hope the grands don't break out before mom and dad come home. I think the incubation period is two weeks so it should be after they are back. How lucky of them to get to go to Hawaii. We haven't been in years.

  6. I just googled it and it takes 10 to 21 days to break out after contact. So you should be fine.

  7. I've heard of those pedi's, I saw it on some news show a while back...I'm so funny about things touching my feet, I don't know if I could do it!

    My boys were all vaccinated against chicken pox, I thought they did it to all kids now but I guess not! But enjoy those little ones!!!

  8. Oh my, I bet that pedi is one you will never forget, very different for sure. I've seen that done before, but I have a fear of fish...crazy, huh?;)

    Enjoy the time with your grand babies....they are so precious. XO ~Liz

  9. I just googled to see who does those in Dallas. They are outlawed in Texas, weird huh?

  10. Oh my goodness - how did I miss this post? That's quite a pedicure!

  11. Looks like a fun time, I don't know about those fish! I am at my grandsons house this week, and having a blast! Good luck and have a great time!