Thursday, September 1, 2011

Health Care Providers aka Angels

Ok so I've been a nurse this past week

there was a reason I never went to college for this
~I know that now~
once in high school I got a speeding ticket
and had to serve community service
at the local nursing home
~wasn't a good experience~

This occupation is set aside for those very gifted
~patient angels~
my very good friend
~lilly of the lake~

Just this week
was featured in the local paper 

check it out and outstanding article

and after this week of nursing my Hubs
I have gained so much 
admiration and respect for her
not everybody by a long shot
~can do what she does~

a week ago I took on this nursing thing with gusto
and the Hubs is a
~good patient~
I'm just
~not patient~

It got me thinking about what is
~coming down the pike~

I need to appreciate being healthy now
 to appreciate that all our family is healthy now
and to tell my friend how grateful
I am for angels like her in this world

Is there a national health care provider
there sure should be

have you hugged a nurse today?


  1. So very true Kathy. I could never be a nurse either. I worked in healthcare for 15's tough to see and deal with and it takes special people to do it.

  2. What a great post and so true. My parents and my in-laws have all had home health care. The men and women who have helped our families are very special. Like you said, not just anyone can do it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I know just what you mean!
    My mum was a nurse - so beautiful in her starched white uniform and cap. One never sees that anymore.

  4. I agree, they are special people. I have a close friend who is a home health nurse and she is so kind to her patients and really cares about them. I'm sure you were a kind gentle nurse, too even if you lacked some patience!! Have a great weekend. Shannon

  5. This is so sweet... I'm passing it to my friend that's just becoming an "angel"! :-)


    Luciane at