Saturday, August 6, 2011

Slipcover Giveaway

 I found a giveaway today that I
 really, really, really
so I am mentioning it to get another
chance to win...

Kristin at
love her site..
is hooking up with

to giveaway a

As there is just too much to do around this house
to make every room the way I want it the
has been on the bottom of the list
if the Hubs gave me an unlimited budget
I know how I would like it
but that's not the case....

This is where the kids stay when they come for the
or the month,
 as in Annie's case
above the garage in the

when we first moved in I had it painted to this
soft beachy green
it was pink

I wish I would have done it white
but oh well I love this color that came from the
tile in the bathroom

this is Matthews room made out of a
painted by his Mom

this is the old pink closet
before she painted it blue
and added his favorite book characters from
~Bears in the Night~
all around the room
check out the whole process on this
she did a fabulous job
Matthew LOVES his room

the furniture in the living room
 was left by the previous owners
Ethan Allen good stuff
I have 5 yards of the floral fabric...

can't decide what to do with that...
my mom loves it..

oh and the blue couch is a sofa sleeper given to me by the
everyone loves to lounge on the chaise
especially in the middle of the night
with early waking babies
I have found my son here asleep with
Matthew many times

last year the coffee table got painted
and we moved the furniture around
This room is perfect for the kids when they come
so I have been reluctant to do anything else..
that way what ever the grandkids do to the furniture
~I don't care~

But I hear slipcovers are so easy to take care of
just wash away all spills
and what a difference it would make

So I have been looking at slips
but they are so expensive
 This site seems to be very reasonable

and if I win and likey
I think I will do all the pieces
wish me luck
my little apartment
could quite possibly look like this

maybe I will have to paint those walls white
because I love this look
I have high hopes for our cute little


  1. Wow - that is a great giveaway!
    We have a suite above the garage too - great for friends and family. I love the dream look that you've shown - wouldn't that be great!
    Welcome back from your holiday!

  2. Kathy what a great apt!! I think it looks so pretty the way you have it decorated! You have one talented daughter that little bedroom she made up for her little one is ADORABLE!! Martina